2 Rules to Dominate Dynasty Leagues

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

New Colt J. Taylor against Ohio State.

With the NFL draft now in the rear-view mirror we as fantasy owners must now turn our attention to the next pit stop on the road to the 2020 NFL season. This next pit stop just also happens to be the best part of the offseason for all you, myself included, dynasty players. That is right, you know what I am talking about. It is rookie draft season baby!!! Now that we know where all the top prospects have landed, we can now begin to construct our draft boards. Therefore, I wanted to fire out this little article to remind you of some important rules to remember while drafting in these upcoming rookie drafts, as well maneuvering the off season in these leagues to ensure your teams are always championship contenders.


The first rule we must keep in mind is don’t draft for need. Now this might sound strange to some of you but hear me out. The key to any fantasy draft is to acquire the best talent to make your team better. This is even more important in rookie drafts because the talent pool is less populated with the "sure thing." So, with that in mind we must always take the best player on the board even if you are stacked at that position. We do this to ensure two things: one our teams are stronger and two we ensure this value does not fall to your opponents.

Now you're pry also asking yourself how do you get stronger at positions that you're weak at. That is a fair question and let me enlighten you a bit on that. We get more strength at these areas of concern through trades. Dynasty is great in the fact that you can work with other owners all year-round executing trades whether it be to collect draft capital or upgrades at a position. You must keep in mind one important thing while trading in dynasty and that is trade away aging players and not youth which leads us into our next rule.

Stay Young

The key to being a dominant force in dynasty leagues is knowing when its time to move certain pieces of your team and we know when it is time when a player reaches their trade window. What is a trade window? Mostly this trade window is age. Now every position has a different trade window and to take that even further every player has their own trade window that depends on a couple of factors other than age. One big factor aside from age is wear. Running backs see the most wear and tear so regardless of usage we want to start thinking about moving players when they reach the age of 28, but no later. A perfect example of a candidate to move today is Derrick Henry. He is in this age window as well as the fact that he has been ridden hard over the last several years. Henry’s value is the highest it will ever be so we must move him. I personally did this in my dynasty league this off season. I was able to move Henry for a young ascending wide out, Deebo Samuel, as well as the 1.4 pick in this year’s rookie draft. So, in this move not only did I get stronger and younger at wide out I also assured myself a top prospect at the position in this year’s class to replace Henry. At wide out the window to trade is later like 30. Prime candidates to move today for example purposes would be Adam Thielen and TY Hilton. The tight end position is so thin and problematic I am of the belief if you have a decent one that produces ride them into the ground, but before they are completely buried sell. If you have a Kelce or Ertz type, it is better to sell them now before they start to descend. Quarterback has the latest window of them all. Look at Brees and Brady still getting it done.

So, I can assure you if you follow these two simple rules you will flourish as a dynasty owner. An owner who knows how to balance these rules perfectly will be in contention year after year which will lead to more championship games, which ultimately will lead to more titles. Good luck in your upcoming rookie drafts and be sure to check out our rankings for both rookies and start up dynasty leagues over on the rankings page.