32 Players That Will Disappoint in 2020

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

In this next article we wanted to look at 32 players (one from each team) that we feel will disappoint fantasy owners in 2020. Now, don't get it twisted this isn't saying a player is going to be a colossal bust, this is just who we feel will be disappointing in the fact they will not meet their owners expectations in 2020. Ready for it? Good, let's start in Arizona!!

Kenyan Drake (Arizona): Currently going as a late first early second round pick in drafts. We feel Drake's weekly inconsistencies will leave his owners feeling underwhelmed at times. Yes, he offers a high ceiling, but he also offers a low floor in his down weeks. With that said we feel his weekly inconsistencies don't warrant that high price tag, and likely will disappoint owners taking him that early.

Calvin Ridley (Atlanta): There has been a lot of breakout talk surrounding Ridley this off season. We all know what happens when a player gets this breakout label leading into a season, their ADP rises to far. That's right people begin to take the player higher in drafts before they should, and this is what's happening with Ridley. Ridley makes for a solid WR2 in fantasy, but his ceiling is capped as long as Julio is on the field.

Mark Ingram (Baltimore): Last season Ingram was one of the most efficient backs in the league, so is a prime candidate for regression in that department this season. In addition to this regression Ingram also will likely have his workload eaten into by future star JK Dobbins.

Devin Singletary (Buffalo): Singletary is being drafted WAY to early in drafts this season. Singletary shouldn't be going anywhere near the top 20 running backs in drafts. The people that are drafting him there are forgetting about Zack Moss, who will get the bulk of the goal line work, as he assumes that Frank Gore role in 2020.

Robby Anderson (Carolina): Anderson is a late round target for most, which is good and not the problem. The problem is he is going ahead of fellow teammate Curtis Samuel which is a mistake. Samuel has more appeal as that joker type in this offense, and has a clearer path to more targets and opportunities in this offense. Anderson will assume that deep threat role, which is good for upside, but when paired with a quarterback who doesn't throw the ball deep much it just screams disappointment in 2020 for Anderson owners.

David Montgomery (Chicago): We can expect to see about the same amount of volume for Montgomery in 2020. This means he has no competition on early downs, which is good. However, he will not sniff any work in the passing game with pass catching specialist Tarik Cohen scarfing up all those targets. It is this Cohen involvement that keeps Montgomery from being that workhorse back, which will disappoint owners drafting him in 2020.

AJ Green (Cincinnati): Green is a perfect example of a name brand recognition pick. Green shouldn't be going in drafts before teammate Tyler Boyd like he currently is, as we feel Boyd is the better wide receiver for fantasy in 2020. Many will argue and say Green's ADP is a value, don't fall for it because it is not, and he will disappoint in 2020.

Austin Hooper (Cleveland): Many will look to Hooper and remember those many top five weekly finishes at the position in 2019. Don't be one of those people because the days of heavy volume for Hooper are likely a thing of the past. Yes Hooper is a very good receiving tight end who is very athletic, but he lands on a team with a lot of mouths to feed. Hooper will be over drafted by many in 2020 not anticipating the nose dive in volume which destroys his ceiling.

Amari Cooper (Dallas): Copper is being drafted as a top ten wide out in many drafts. Cooper shouldn't even be considered in drafts until after the 15th wide out comes off the board, as there are a lot of mouths to feed in this offense. We also have to keep in mind that Cooper is very inconsistent week to week, which will leave owners who drafted him so highly very disappointed in 2020.

Courtland Sutton (Denver): This was an easy choice for us as we feel Sutton is being taken way to early in drafts. Yes, Sutton enjoyed a very solid season last season as this teams top wide receiver, but that was with relatively no competition for targets. The team reloaded on offense brining in a true super star in Jerry Jeudy this past spring. We think Jeudy will emerge very quickly as this teams number one wide out which makes Sutton overpriced and primed to disappoint in 2020.

Kerryon Johnson (Detroit): Kerryon is the obvious choice here in Detroit set to disappoint owners in 2020. The team took a complete back in the second round in Swift, which more times than not signifies the end of the road for the incumbent. Injury has plagued his young career and the team seems set to move on from him. The fantasy owners that actually waste a pick on him in 2020 deserve to be disappointed, but not in Kerryon, in themselves for having wasted a pick.

Aaron Jones (Green Bay): Jones will disappoint simply due to the fact that he is going to regress in the touchdown department. With that drop in touchdown production his efficiency will regress as well. Jones is going in the first round in many drafts and this is simply to high of a price tag for a player with regression coming, and a likely workload reduction coming with rookie Aj Dillon now in the fold. Those who take Jones this early in drafts will be left feeling disappointed.

Brandin Cooks (Houston): Many would have thought new running back David Johnson would be destined for this article, Wrong!! It is the boom or bust game of Cooks who now has very real concussion concerns. We would much rather take a shot on the elite upside of fellow oft injured wide out Will Fuller. Cooks more then likely will leave the owners that draft him in 2020 feeling very disappointed.

T.Y Hilton (Indianapolis): This was a no brainer for us as Hilton was a disappointment last season for owners already. Did we mention the wide out is already injured entering the season. The injuries that have plagued Hilton recently, as well as him being another year older are enough to leave owners regretting drafting him. We would much rather draft rookie Michael Pittman Jr. later in drafts, as he likely will leave owners very happy by seasons end.

Gardner Minshew (Jacksonville): We could have easily gone with Leonard Fournette here, but that would have been to easy, so instead we go with Minshew. It pains us to list him here because he is a very likable kid that does offer upside. However, he's not a guy who should be targeted in one quarterback leagues. If you land Minshew in these leagues that means you reached for him, and likely will be left disappointed.

Sammy Watkins (Kansas City): Many will think to his post season production in 2019 and be happy to draft him in 2020. Don't fall for this trap we know what Sammy is. Sammy is that guy that is good for one big week out of the year, and trying to figure out when it's going to be is not worth the disappointment that comes the rest of the weeks.

Darrell Henderson (LAR): This is an easy one to explain why Henderson will disappoint all his truthers in 2020. In fact all we need is two words, Cam Akers. Next!!

Tyrod Taylor (LAC): For the owners who are buying into Taylor being this teams starter for the season we say brace yourselves, because Taylor will ruin your fantasy lives in 2020. Tyrod may start the season as the starter, but it will likely only take a few weeks before Justin Herbert steps into the starting role.

Hunter Renfrow (Las Vegas): We at The Elite Fantasy love the football librarian. He is a good football player but we see some disappointment coming to his owners in 2020. This offense is going to run through Ruggs in the passing game, and likely Edwards before to long. With Renfrow playing only in the slot his upside is capped. With Renfrow being drafted late in drafts this is where we want to target players that offer upside. So for those who draft Renfrow's limited upside late in drafts we feel you will be left feeling some disappointment.

DeVante Parker (Miami): Only exploded last season when Preston Williams went down. Now Williams is on track to return in 2020, and likely will assume his wide receiver one position in this passing attack. When this happens Parker will prove to be to highly priced. We are not falling for the half season worth of production we seen to close out 2019. We know who Parker really is, and that is the guy who as done nothing but disappoint owners, and 2020 will just be the next chapter in that.

Kirk Cousins (Minnesota): All you need to do is look to the start of last season and the end of last season to see why Cousins lands on this list. Cousins will disappoint his owners in 2020 trust us.

Julian Edelman (New England): Much like AJ Green above Edelman has that name recognition thing going on and is being over drafted. With his boy Brady now in Tampa Bay we feel Julian's effectiveness as a quality fantasy asset is in question and primed to disappoint in 2020. New quarterback in Cam Newton and the expected change in offensive style also makes the Edelman disappointment a real possibility in 2020.

Jared Cook (New Orleans): Cook has been a late career fantasy gem over the last few seasons for owners. However, 2020 may be a season to pass on Cook who is another year older which won't help his recent injury history. In addition to the aforementioned we feel the addition of Emmanuel Sanders will hurt Cook's production in the middle of the field. All of this adds up to Cook disappointing the owners who are relying upon him to be their starting tight end each week in 2020.

Sterling Shepard (NYG): Many are taking Shepard ahead of fellow wide out Golden Tate, and it is a mistake. Tate offers a more consistent week to week then Shepard. In addition Shepard hasn't been able to stay on the field. So for owners relying on him to be a solid WR3 for their fantasy teams be prepared because you will be left with a ton of disappointment in 2020.

Breshad Perriman (NYJ): We as owners can't just look to the last five weeks of last season and assume this is the player Perriman is. This is recency bias at it's finest here folks. Perriman will have some good fantasy weeks for his owners in 2020, but overall will not meet the expectations many have for him, which means disappointment will follow.

Alshon Jeffery (Philadelphia): Low hanging fruit on this oft-injured aging wide receiver. The new additions at the position will likely lead to many weeks of disappointment for those crazy enough to draft Jeffery in 2020. Please we beg you people don't draft him in 2020.

James Conner (Pittsburgh): Are we crazy for putting Conner on this list? Haven't we seen the pictures of how he packed on all that muscle? To answer those questions No and Yes. Sure Conner is jacked now, but we still know that he is one of the most injury prone players playing at the most punishing skilled position. Think back to how bad he looked returning from injury in 2019. Can't remember? Well Benny Snell looked better which disappointed owners last season, and Conner will likely disappoint owners again in 2020.

Greg Olsen (Seattle): Another case of name recognition at it's finest here. Olsen shouldn't be drafted in normal 12 team leagues entering 2020. For those owners drafting him on name value alone will be left with buckets full of disappointment in 2020.

Raheem Mostert (San Francisco): His ADP is sliding in the right direction, but we still feel those owners expecting what you got late last season will be left very disappointed in Mostert. This will be a crowded backfield that will have three backs each likely enjoying big weeks throughout the season at different times. This guessing game week to week will be sure to disappoint.

Rob Gronkowski (Tampa Bay): Can he stay healthy now that he took a year off? What does he have left in the tank? For what owners are expecting of him in 2020 we feel they will be left disappointed. This is a name brand thing again, for where he's going pass on him and avoid the disappointment.

Ryan Tannehill (Tennessee): Tannehill has a good ADP for a quarterback who finds himself in a run heavy offense. The problem we have with Tannehill is many look to him as a top quarterback after the success he found down the stretch in 2019. The thing with Tannehill is he was very efficient, and we see a regression coming in this department in 2020. For this reason the owners looking for that solid weekly starting quarterback will be left feeling disappointed in 2020.

Dwayne Haskins (Washington): Guice has been the pick here easily the last two seasons, and very well could be here again. However, we will give him a break and select the second year quarterback instead. Haskins showed promise last season, but he has no place being drafted in one quarterback leagues in 2020. If you are an owner that so chooses to do so prepare to be disappointed with your bad choices often in 2020.