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All 32 Bust Series: Denver Broncos

By: Little Italy (Publisher)

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In this series I will take one player from each team to add to my All 32 Bust Team for 2021.

RB: Melvin Gordon

If Drew Lock is under center, Melvin Gordon becomes this team’s biggest bust. Hell, even with Teddy B under center I believe Melvin Gordon becomes this team’s biggest bust in 2021. All reports coming out of The Rockies is that rookie Javonte Williams will be this teams RB1 as early as Week one, No Shit Sherlock. The fact that the team traded up in the second round of the NFL Draft to grab him should have been the first indication of this. The second indication should have been Williams tape, as it clearly shows a back ten times more elusive and efficient as a runner than this current version of Melvin Gordon.

Melvin Gordon will likely become one of the highest paid change of pace/third down backs in the league. With a current ADP of 71.3 (RB29 off the board), owners are just begging for heartbreak. I would much rather select Williams a round earlier then come back around and select a high upside WR such as Chark or Claypool here in the sixth. Also for where Gordon is going we as owners could be grabbing a solid QB1 at this price point in drafts, as Tom Brady and Jalen Hurts are both going a few picks after Gordon.

With Gordon looking to take a backseat to Williams as the early down back, I expect the touchdowns to regress as well. Last season Gordon rushed into the end zone nine times, seven which came within the ten-yard line. The red zone attempts (29 in 2020) I project will now go to Williams in 2021, which makes him a bust at current ADP more likely. Even as a pass catcher in this offense last season, Gordon underwhelmed. Gordon finished the year with under 160 yards receiving (158) catching 32 of 44 targets. I do see a path to positive regression in his receiving stats, but it will not be enough to justify this current ADP, which just spells B.U.S.T.

Bonus Bust Candidate if Teddy is Under Center:

WR: Courtland Sutton

I’m not confident Sutton returns from injury as the same receiver we saw in 2019. In addition, I fear he and Teddy will not mesh in terms of skillsets. Teddy is one of the safest QB’s when throwing the Ball (Top 4), meaning he relies on receivers who are able to separate on their own, like Jerry Jeudy. Sutton is more of a big-bodied contested catch guy, who isn’t really great at separating from defenders. At his current ADP of WR30, I feel he won’t live up to the price tag, especially compared to teammate Jeudy who is coming of the board as the WR33. Not to mention, Jeudy has become Teddy’s favorite target in OTA’s thus far by multiple reports.

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