All 32 Bust Series: Las Vegas Raiders

By: Little Italy (Publisher)

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In this series I will take one player from each team to add to my All 32 Bust Team for 2021.

RB: Josh Jacobs

Next up on the Bust chopping block I comb through my team, the Las Vegas Raaaaidddeeerrrssss, to find their contribution to the ALL 32 Bust Team of 2021. I was a split second away from selecting Darren Waller just due to me whole heartedly feeling he won’t live up to his draft day price tag of a second round pick. There will be a tight end or two drafted after Waller, who will finish ahead of Waller this season. However, Waller is not my pick; my pick is third year running back Josh Jacobs.

Through his first two years in the league he has flashed immense upside as a runner. In each of his first two years he’s finished as a top 12 fantasy back when healthy, rookie season missed final two games, which knocked him out of the top 12. Jacobs has rushed for over a 1,000 yards in each season, but still we as fantasy owners are not happy. The piece to his fantasy game that is missing is his usage in the passing attack. The Raiders just refuse to use him as a pass catcher, even though he is a very capable option out of the backfield. Fantasy Points Graham Barfield recently pointed out that over his first two seasons Jacobs has had only one third down target, ONE!! Please explain to me how a team’s “Lead” back only gets one look on third down. The fact is Jacobs is one of, if not the single most, game script dependent backs in the league. Seventeen of Jacobs’ nineteen career touchdowns have come in games that the Raiders won. NOW, we have to account for The Drake.

The Raiders have signed Kenyan Drake to quite arguably one of the most lucrative back up running back contracts we have ever seen. The team will pay him eleven million in year one, with close to six million guaranteed in year two. This tells us that one; he is going to be rostered until at least 2022. Secondly, it tells us, he is going to have to be used quite a bit in games to justify such a big contract. If you thought Jalen Richard limited Jacobs in the passing game, what do you think the Drake means to his passing game outlook? It essentially means there is zero point zero chances of Jacobs ever exceeding 50 targets in this offense. Drake will be used in that Richard role as well as a few early down carries, as I expect the Raiders to use him similarly to Booker last season in resting Jacobs on every three series.

With all this considered I just can’t understand why or how Jacobs is still being taken as the RB17 in drafts as a third round pick. For me Jacobs is nothing more than a RB3 for our fantasy teams. This is why he will be a bust in 2021. You could get a running back, such as Mike Davis three rounds later, who is in a better situation for fantasy production. We could also get a wide receiver such as Robert Woods in this current price range. My optimism and excitement on Jacobs’ career has finally been extinguished, as my hopes for a Charlie Garner type career under Gruden have vanished quicker than a fifty in a lonely man’s pocket walking down the Vegas Strip.