All 32 Bust Series: Miami Dolphins

By: Little Italy (Publisher)

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In this series I will take one player from each team to add to my All 32 Bust Team for 2021.

TE: Mike Gesicki

This off-season I have dubbed Mike Gesicki a fantasy red headed stepchild. Thus, making the off-season itself an abusive stepparent, because no other tight end, except for Hayden Hurst who ironically is a red head himself, has been dealt bigger blows to their fantasy outlook. Many owners in the fantasy world are still considering Gesicki to be that nice fringe TE1 for fantasy, but the harsh reality is Gesicki, though talented, is the Dolphins most likely bust candidate in my opinion. Let’s look at the facts shall we.

Mike Gesicki essentially was the Dolphins big slot (67.4% 2020 snaps out of slot) last season and was the guy that Tua could likely count on in the middle of the field this season. However, the off-season editions of Will Fuller and Jalen Waddle could severely limit his role as this slot man. I say this because both WR’s are very capable of not only producing from the slot position but can offer more then Gesicki can with their explosiveness after the catch. Another damning contributor to Gesicki’s fantasy undoing is rookie Hunter Long, who the Dolphins used prime draft capital (3rd round pick) to acquire. Long is a complete tight end who can not only get it done as a pass catcher but can also get it done as a blocker at an extremely high level. This could lead to Gesicki losing reps on game day to the rookie, as he is just an ok blocker in his own right.

Another reason I believe Gesicki busts this season is the fact the Dolphins project to be more of a run first team in my opinion. This run first projection is why I see Hunter Long having an early path to opportunity simply by being on the field due to his effectiveness as a blocker. Let’s face it Gesicki has shown us what he can be in this Miami offense, and that is a boom or bust tight end that is tough to predict. He finished as the TE9 in 2020 due to volume, which likely goes away with the offseason additions mentioned above. There were games last season where he saw upwards of nine targets, just to follow it up with games of three or fewer targets, creating the weekly inconsistency that we as fantasy owners despise.

So, with that said you can rest assure I am passing on Gesicki and his TE11 ADP in season long redraft leagues and will be taking a shot on the tight ends that are coming off the board around the same time. The guys I am selecting over Gesicki would be tight ends that have a better opportunity at their respective teams target share. Who are these players you may be asking yourselves, well let me give you two names that come to mind, Tyler Higbee and Irv Smith Jr. I would much rather take a shot on one of these players then the former Nittany Lion 10 out of 10 times on draft day, and this is coming from a PSU graduate!!


Staying Clear of Gesicki in 2021.