All 32 Bust Series: New England Patriots

By: Little Italy (Publisher)

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In this series I will take one player from each team to add to my All 32 Bust Team for 2021.

TE: Hunter Henry

The Patriots sucked up the top two tight ends in free agency quicker than a Hoover sucks up dust mites off your living room floor. Judging by Henry’s ADP currently (TE8 / 81.7 / 7th round) many are looking at this as a good thing for Henry’s fantasy outlook, and as it will be business as usual for Henry. I would pump the brakes on that optimism because when it comes to Henry being a top 12 player at the position in 2021 I’m not buying in. Yes, it’s well documented that Bill Belichick has long loved Henry, but it’s also well documented that Bill Belichick doesn’t give a rats ass about our fantasy teams, which is red flag number one. Let’s look at a couple more things that make me believe Henry is a prime bust candidate for this Patriots team in 2021.

First off, the Patriots went out and also signed Jonnu Smith, first mind you, and are paying him more money. Yes, I believe both will be on the field a lot, as the Patriots turn to a heavy usage of twelve personnel, but Smith likely will end the season with more offensive snaps. The Patriots should funnel the ball through the tight end position when they pass, but volume is going to be another issue when it comes to Henry. This Patriots offense likely will return to the style of play it once utilized, prior to the Brady Era, which is controlled football utilizing the run game and defense.

Another issue that I have with Henry this season is quarterback play. Henry is leaving a team with a young ascending signal caller in Justin Herbert, to a washed, inaccurate Cam Newton (For Now). Could we see 2021 first round pick Mac Jones in 2021, sure if Cam struggles or gets injured, which is a very good possibility. Mac Jones under center would give me a slightly better feeling on not only Henry, but also this entire passing attack, as he is a better processor and accurate passer.

With all these things considered, I just feel Henry’s seventh round ADP is borderline offensive to guys such as Dallas Goedert, who is going two rounds later in drafts. I would much rather have a Dallas Goedert in the ninth round, rather than Henry in the seventh, where I could nab a player such as Jerry Jeudy, Deebo Samuel, or even Robby Anderson, who offer much more upside for our fantasy teams. Don’t get fooled by Henry’s top thirteen finish in Air/Red zone target share from a season ago, because it was a whole different offense/situation, where Henry was the only game in town at the position.