All 32 Bust Series: New York Jets

By: Little Italy (Publisher)

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In this series I will take one player from each team to add to my All 32 Bust Team for 2021.

QB: Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson is the next player to find himself on our All 32 Bust team for 2021 and just so happens to be the second rookie to join it, with Rashad Bateman already finding a home on it for the Baltimore Ravens. Wilson has a real shot to cement himself as one of the best quarterbacks the Jets have ever had, which if we want to be honest, isn’t that hard of a task to accomplish. The thing is it is going to take some time for Wilson to get to that level. The Jets did a particularly good job of setting him up for success with an upgraded offensive line and surrounding him with a solid group of weapons. Despite being set up for success and fitting this Jets scheme, I do think Wilson has a slow start to his career. Yes, the line is upgraded but the unit is better suited for run blocking then they are at pass blocking, which will lead to the baby-faced Wilson being harassed in the pocket. With this pocket harassment we can rest assure that quite a few interceptions will result due to the middle of the road protection.

Now we should not be looking at Wilson in single QB redraft leagues, so the bust comes into play in super flex and two QB leagues. Many of the super “flexors” out there are drafting Wilson with excitement because of his “Rushing” ability. The thing is this part of Wilson’s game has been over hyped in my opinion over the draft process. That is right, in his collegiate career Wilson never topped 254 yards in a season at BYU. So, to think that he comes in from a small school to the bright lights of the New York City Skyline and is going to put on a rushing show is just a foolish take. Speaking of rushing, I think the staff is going to lean heavily on the ground game, much like the SF 49ers do. This reliance on the ground game will cap his weekly upside, because like I said his rushing talents will not be enough to offset this low weekly passing volume as he’s eased into his NFL career.

So, when looking at all of this it just makes Wilson the no brainer to bust for the Jets in year one. For where he is going, I would much rather take guys like Big Ben, Fitzmagic, or even Trey Lance who all offer higher ceilings and floors for fantasy this season. Sorry Mrs. Wilson I am out on your little Zachy in year one, DON'T @ ME!!