Best Bet: Best Props by Book Divisional

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

*In this weekly piece the team at Prop Bet Fantasy comb through each sportsbook and reveal which player prop lines to target by book*

J. Landry 4.5 Receptions -OVER-(W)

J. Landry 58.5 Rec. Yards -OVER-(L)

A. Hooper 38.5 Rec. Yards -OVER-(L)

J.K. Dobbins 57.5 Rush Yards -OVER-(L)

C. Akers 16.5 Rush Attempts -OVER-(W)

J. Cook 29.5 Rec. Yards -OVER-(L)

C. Akers 13.5 Rec. Yards -OVER-(L)

C. Akers 70.5 Rush Yards -OVER-(W)

C. Akers 16.5 Rush Attempts -OVER-(W)

P. Mahomes 16.5 Rush Yards -OVER-(L)

N. Chubb 14.5 Rec. Yards -OVER-(L)

D. Singletary 44.5 Rush Yards -OVER-(L)

T. Kelce 87.5 Rec. Yards -OVER- (W)

J. Allen 2.5 Pass TD's -UNDER-(W)

J. Goff 219.5 Pass Yards -UNDER-(W)

L. Jackson 74.5 Rush Yards -UNDER-(W)

D. Singletary 38.5 Rush Yards -OVER-(L)

D. Singletary 18.5 Rec. Yards -OVER-(L)