Conference Championship Best Bets

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Sunday marks the final slate of games of the 2019 season as we have reached championship weekend. This marks the last opportunity for us gamers to bet on multiple games in a weekend. Well I am back to offer my best bets for the conference championship games. Now last week I again went 50% in player props, as well as spread and money line. Over under point totals hit 75% just getting one game wrong, thanks Green Bay. The DFS line up I suggested also hit in the 50/50 contest it was entered in. So with that said it's time to check out the Godfather's best bets for the weekend.

Over/Under Totals

This week I have been going back and forth on how I see these two games going. Game script is an important thing to get correct when you figure your bets. As far as over/under this week this is how I would bet:

KC/TEN (O52.5) (W)

SF/GB (U45.5) (L)

Point Spread

Here are the teams I like to Cover:

Chiefs (-7.5) (W)

Packers (+7.5) (L)

Money Line

Here is who I am picking to advance to the Super Bowl:

Chiefs (W)

49ers (W)

Player Props

I am out to beat my 50% (21-21) finish last week in player props. Once again even though I only offer the props I like this weekend I will highlight the "Best Bets" in each game break down. (Props used from Fan Duel Sportsbook)

(27-9) (75%)

Chiefs V.s Titans (19-4) (82.6%)

P. Mahomes 1.5 Pass Touchdowns (OVER) (W)

P. Mahomes 21.5 Rush Yards (UNDER) (L)

P. Mahomes 24.5 Pass Completions (OVER) (L)

P. Mahomes 310.5 Pass Yards (UNDER) (W)

R. Tannehill 17.5 Pass Comp. (OVER) (W)

R. Tannehill 1.5 Pass Touchdowns (OVER) (W)

R. Tannehill 232.5 Pass Yards (UNDER) (W)

R. Tannehill 15.5 Rush Yards (UNDER) (W)

D. Robinson 16.5 Rec. Yards (OVER) (W)

M. Hardman 22.5 Rec. Yards (OVER) (L)

J. Smith 27.5 Rec. Yards (OVER) (W)

J. Smith 2.5 Receptions (OVER) (W)

D. Williams 28.5 Rec. Yards (OVER) (W)

D. Williams 57.5 Rush Yards (UNDER) (W)

D. Williams 85.5 Total Yards (OVER) (W)

D. Henry 117.5 Rush Yards (UNDER) (W)

D. Henry 13.5 Rec. Yards (UNDER) (W)

D. Henry 129.5 Total Yards (UNDER) (W)

A. Brown 62.5 Rec. Yards (UNDER) (W)

A. Brown 3.5 Receptions (UNDER) (W)

T. Hill 5.5 Receptions (UNDER) (W)

T. Hill 78.5 Rec. Yards (OVER) (L)

T. Kelce 83.5 Rec. Yards (UNDER) (W)

49ers V.s Packers(8-5) (61.5%)

A. Rodgers 238.5 Pass Yards (UNDER) (L)

A. Rodgers 12.5 Rush Yards (UNDER) (W)

A. Rodgers 36.5 Pass Attempts (UNDER) (L)

A. Rodgers 1.5 Pass Touchdowns (Under) (L)

R. Mostert 53.5 Rush Yards (OVER) (W)

A. Lazard 2.5 Receptions (OVER) (W)

A. Jones 2.5 Receptions (OVER) (W)

J. Graham 23.5 Rec. Yards (OVER) (W)

G. Kittle 75.5 Rec. Yards (OVER) (L)

D. Adams 85.5 Rec. Yards (OVER) (W)

A. Jones 87.5 Total Yards (UNDER) (L)

J. Garoppolo 1.5 Pass TDS (UNDER)(W)

J. Garoppolo 246.5 Pass Yards (UNDER) (W)

DFS Lineup

Here is the bonus daily fantasy line up I like this week to cash this week, especially in double up and fifty/fifty contests.

R. Tannehill (17.46)

D. Williams (19.90)

R. Mostert (51.60)

A. Brown (8.10)

D. Adams (25.80)

T. Hill (24.40)

G. Kittle (2.90)

J. Smith (6.80)

49ers (10.00)

Total Points:164.96 (finished 344 out of 2,298 to cash in a fifty fifty contest on DraftKings)