Divisional Weekends Best Bets!!!

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Happy divisional weekend Elite family. As we gear up for the last full weekend of NFL action The Godfather of Fantasy is back to give you an offer you can't refuse, his best bets for the weekend. Last weekends best bets went pretty well as I hit 50% in player props(14-14) and money line bets(2-2). The only spread I suggested last week hit and the DFS lineup I suggested cashed, finishing 71 out of 3,400 participants. This week I am going to roll out all my top bets and like last week i will end with my favorite DFS line up of the week.

Over/Under Totals

This week I am putting my money on only one game going over its projected point total. Here is how I am betting this weekend on the points totals:

Min/SF (U44) (W)

Bal/Ten (U47) (W)

KC/Hou (O51) (W)

GB/Sea (U46) (L)


Point Spread

These are the teams i am liking this week to cover the spread:

Vikings +7 (L)

Titans +9.5 (W)

Chiefs -9 (W)

Seahawks +4.5 (L)


Money Line

Here are the teams I am putting my money on this weekend to advance:

49ers (W)

Ravens (L)

Chiefs (W)

Seahwaks (L) (2-2)(50%)

Player Props

I am out to beat my 50% finish last week in player props. Once again even though I only offer the props i like this weekend I will highlight the "Best Bets" in each game break down.


49ers V.s Vikings (9-5)(64%)

R. Mostert 52.5 Rush Yard (OVER) (W)

E. Sanders 47.5 Rec. Yards (OVER) (L)

J. Garoppolo 1.5 Pass Touchdowns (OVER) (L)

A. Mattison 19.5 Rush Yards (UNDER) (W)

K. Cousins 1.5 Pass Touchdowns (UNDER) (W)

A. Thielen 56.5 Rec. Yards (UNDER) (W)

D. Cook 33.5 Rec. Yards (UNDER) (W)

D. Cook 72.5 Rush Yards (OVER) (L) E. Sanders 3.5 Rec. (OVER) (L)

D. Samuel 50.5 Rec. Yards (OVER) (L)

D. Samuel 4.5 Rec. (UNDER) (W)

G. Kittle 78.5 Rec. Yards (UNDER) (W)

K. Rudolph 2.5 Rec. (UNDER) (W)

K. Rudolph 24.5 Rec. Yards (UNDER) (W)

Ravens V.s Titans (4-7)(36%)

AJ Brown 3.5 Rec. (OVER) (L)

J. Smith 24.5 Rec. Yards (OVER) (L)

L. Jackson 76.5 Rush Yards (UNDER) (L)

J. Smith 2.5 Rec. (OVER) *b/c like odds* (L)

L. Jackson 2.5 Pass Touchdowns (UNDER) (W)

N. Boyle 13.5 Rec. Yards (OVER) (L)

H. Hurst 15.5 Rec. Yards (OVER) (W)

M. Andrews 51.5 Rec. Yards (OVER) (L)

AJ Brown 60.5 Rec. Yards (UNDER) (W)

R. Tannehill 220.5 Pass Yards (UNDER) (W)

R. Tannehill 1.5 Pass Touchdowns (UNDER) (L)

Chiefs V.s Texans (5-4)(55%)

P. Mahomes 1.5 Pass Touchdowns (OVER)(W)

P. Mahomes 297.5 Pass Yards (UNDER) (L)

D. Williams 2.5 Rec. (OVER) (L)

D. Williams 23.5 Rec. Yards (OVER) (L)

D. Johnson 15.5 Rush Yards (OVER) (L)

D. Johnson 2.5 Rec. (OVER) (W)

D. Johnson 44.5 Total Yards (UNDER)(W)

C. Hyde 63.5 Rush Yards (UNDER)(W)

D. Watson 32.5 Rush Yards (OVER)(W)

*Bonus Bet For this Game*

KC Money Line 1st Quarter (L)

Packers V.s Seahawks(3-5)(37.5%) R. Wilson 27.5 Rush Yards (OVER)(W)

M. Lynch 36.5 Rush Yards (OVER)(L)

A. Jones 2.5 Rec. (OVER)(L)

A. Rodgers 1.5 Pass Touchdowns (OVER)(W)

A. Rodgers 11.5 Rush Yards (UNDER) (L)

D. Adams 80.5 Rec. Yards (OVER)(W)

A. Jones 91.5 Total Yards (OVER)(L)

T. Lockett 65.5 Rec. Yards (UNDER)(L)

DFS Lineup

Here is the bonus daily fantasy line up I like this week to cash this week, especially in double up and fifty/fifty contests.

D. Watson (36.22)

A. Jones (19.60)

D. Williams (26.80)

D. Adams (39.00)

S. Diggs (13.70)

E. Sanders (5.30)

D. Johnson(8.40)

K. Rudolph (2.40)

Green Bay (5.00)

Total Points:156.42 (finished 2,513 out of 6,896 to cash in a fifty fifty contest)