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Draft Day Beast Series: TE

If you have been following along, which I know you have been, you know that we have reached our final installment in our Draft Day Beast Series. In the previous three articles, I went over the rules I follow on draft day for quarterback, running back, minimizing risk, and targeting upside. If you have not read these yet, shame on you, just kidding just head on over to the fantasy content page and check them out, they are well worth the short read. With that said, we only have one final piece of the puzzle to go over, which I am about to lay down for you right now.

Tight end, when should we start looking at tight end on draft day. There are many different beliefs out there when it comes to this position on draft day. Some people love getting one of those two studs in the second in Kelce and Kittle. Hey, I cannot fault that thinking, because we all know this position offers us the fewest consistent options out of all the positions. I do not fault these people, but I also will not join these people. I will never take a top two tight end because there is zero point zero value in those picks. So, this leads me into my first rule when it comes to the tight end position that is, fade the top four but not the next four. When following this rule it is self-explanatory as it is clear we will be out on not only the two tight ends I mentioned above, but also the next two as well, who are Mark Andrews (4th RD ADP) and Zach Ertz (5th RD ADP). I am fading these dudes because at this point in drafts I am focusing on filling up on the running back and wide receiver positions. I typically will not look to the tight end position until about the seventh or eighth round, so I guess I will be out on Darren Waller and his current sixth round ADP as well. So, when I get to this point in drafts ADP tells me we should find three guys to target, Tyler Higbee (7th RD ADP), Evan Engram (7th RD ADP), and Hayden Hurst (8th RD ADP). These are the tight ends I am looking at getting to be my TE1 in every draft this season. If you happen to miss on one of these players, we can look to that next tier of backend starters which consists of Hunter Henry, Jared Cook, Mike Gesicki, and Rob Gronkowski.

Now that we have our starter at the position who should we look at to back them up, and when. I typically wait a couple of rounds before going back after the tight end position. The eleventh round is when I want to start thinking about the position again, but that could change depending on the flow of the draft. Which, leads us to rule number two that is, when the first TE2 is taken get back into the tight end mindset. So whom should we expect to find in this ideal TE2 range? Well, when looking again at the NFFC ADP the data tells us we should find Noah Fant, TJ Hockenson, Dallas Goedert, and Jonnu Smith. Therefore, when we see the first of this group of Fant, Goedert, Hockenson, or Smith taken that should signal us to get back into the tight end game, because a second wave at the position is likely coming.

There are also a couple of intriguing guys that I like past this group who I would be more than happy with having on my team as a second tight end, and these players can be had a few rounds past the above mentioned. The first of this intriguing group is a player flashing in camp who’s ADP is rising by the day, as he now has a thirteenth round ADP, Chris Herndon. We have been seemingly waiting forever for this kid to not only break out but also stay on the field. Is this the year Gases’ unicorn can finally be that stud? After Herndon there are two tight ends with ADP’s putting them in the fifteenth round that I like, Eric Ebron and Irv Smith Jr. Then a couple rounds later with a seventeenth round ADP we find Green Bay’s Jace Sternberger, who I like to take a step forward this season as the guy, even though his camp has been shaky.

Then there are two players who the fantasy world has written off/forgotten about, but we didn’t. If you find yourself missing out on any of the above mentioned TE2’s the players to target are Jimmy Graham and Tyler Eifert. Both of these veterans will be used weekly in their respective offenses. They are their teams starting option at the position, and the reports on both Graham and Eifert have been very positive throughout camp. I just have a feeling both Graham and Eifert could very easily finish the season as top twenty options at the position, if they are able to stay healthy.

So there you have it folks, the final piece to our Draft Day Beast Series puzzle is now in place. With this final piece to the draft day puzzle placed, you now have the formula needed to dominate your leagues on draft day. I promise if you follow these simple rules that I have outlined in this series you will have a very dominant, balanced, and competitive team to go into 2020 with. So now that you have checked it, go into battle and make your league mates feel it.

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