Early Look Fanduel DFS Main Slate

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

FanDuel has released their week 1 NFL main slate salaries and we at The Elite Fantasy have jumped all over them to start finding the best values and targets for you. Now with week 1 we won't have players such as Patrick Mahomes, Derrick Henry, DeShaun Watson, Saquon Barkley, Jerry Jeudy, Diontae Johnson, Zeke Elliott, or Robert Woods as their teams are all playing off the main slate. However, that's ok because there are still plenty of players to chose from for week 1. Lets look at the QB position first to see what quarterbacks stand out to us.


No real surprises at the top of the salary scale as we find Lamar Jackson already being the highest priced of all quarterbacks. Basically when looking at this top group we are starting to focus on the guy peeking in from the bottom, Tom Brady. Brady is the player that stands out to us as being the first player to really target out of this top eight. Brady has a salary of $7,600, which is a fair price to start building a solid line up. Other intriguing options that offer some value not listed above are Matthew Stafford ($7,300) and his week one matchup against the Bears, Tyrod Taylor ($7,000) against a weak Bengal defense, and also Gardner Minshew ($6,700) who has a mid tier week one defense in the Colts to go against. All of these mentioned here offer a nice contrarian opportunity that will save you money to spend elsewhere.

Running Back

It is in this next group where we find the highest priced player on the main slate. McCaffrey comes in with a price tag of $10,000. Many will be more then happy to blow their wad on CMC and his "Juicy" matchup against a Las Vegas Raider defense that many view as weak. Want to know a secret, the Raiders were quietly very stingy against the run last season, and have only improved this offseason. So with that we are fading CMC and that massive price tag. Speaking of the Raiders we find Josh Jacobs as the 4th highest priced RB on the slate with a price tag of $8,200. This is where we would be willing to start looking at the position. We really like Jacobs to get out of the gate fast against a unit that projects to be the leagues worst against the run. We also like the guy peeking in from the bottom. Joe Mixon($7,300) figures to start the season seeing a lot of work and going against a Charger defense that is weaker against the run makes for a nice value play. We are also liking the Matchups for Miles Sanders ($6,800) and David Montgomery ($5,900) in week one. These two here offer great value and also have good matchups to go along with that value. Montgomery should be widely unowned in contests because of his lack of passing down work, but the thing with FanDuel is that isn't as big of a deal as it would be on Draftkings. Montgomery should see a lot of work, especially in the red zone where he sees a lot of opportunity, so we like his chances to punch one in week one.

Wide Receivers

Looking at this group of highest salaried wide outs there is no surprises for us. Thomas has the top salary and has a decent matchup, but be careful because this Tampa defense is going to be sneaky good in 2020. Julio is Julio, and Davante is the only game in town for his team. However, that matchup does open up an opportunity for us to target his teammate Allen Lazard ($5,500) who has some nice value and likely low ownership. Another guy we like who is down the list in cost is Bears third year wide out Anthony Miller ($5,400). We are all in on Miller this season and we like the upside he offers right out of the gate against Detroit. We also Like DJ Moore ($7,100) against a Raider defense who isn't as good against the pass as they are the run. We feel Moore gets off to a hot start with Teddy finding him early and often in this one. Keenan Allen ($7,000) has appeal against Cincy, and could be a sneaky stack with Tyrod. Julian Edelman ($6,700) on paper looks like a value, but we are a bit unnerved with how he and Cam will mesh, especially week one. We would recommend targeting Stefon Diggs ($6,600) who is cheaper and has a good shot of blowing up in his Buffalo debut against a weak Jets secondary.

Tight End

With no Travis Kelce available on this main slate George Kittle ($7,300) finds himself a top this group. Kittle on paper has the best matchup for tight ends, if we recall how bad Arizona was against the position in 2019. However, we aren't looking here for our line ups because all these guys figure to have high ownership. There is one again peeking from the bottom that appeals to us in week one to potentially stack with a quarterback we mentioned above. That guy is Rob Gronkowski ($5,500), who is pretty well priced, and who has a shot to just come out and explode with Tom Brady right out of the gate against the Saints. Dallas Goedert ($5,200) has a decent matchup, and is considerably cheaper than teammate Zach Ertz ($6,600). The player we are going after in our line ups is Atlanta's new tight end Hayden Hurst ($5,200). At this price point this is an absolute steal and one we MUST exploit as owners.


For week one we are only looking at four defenses to target on the main slate. Three can be found above, Buffalo ($4,700), New England ($4,600), Philly ($4,500), and our sleeper/punt at the position the Las Vegas Raiders ($3,200). The Raiders are worth a punt because we don't know really what the offense for the Panthers will look like out of the gate. It may take them a few weeks to figure this new scheme out, which presents us a nice low owned option in the Raiders to target and play in week one. However for the "safe play" target one of the three mentioned above, as all three have good matchups.

Our Suggested Line Up

Here is the line up we suggest running out there for this week one main slate. We are confident that this line up offers plenty of low owned options that present massive upside.


With Montgomery being injured (Groin) and highly unlikely to play we have an easy replacement to insert into his spot, teammate Tarik Cohen. The Bears likely will change their power run game plan that they no doubt would have used with a healthy Montgomery, to a more spread offense approach to fit Cohen's skillset. Cohen is cheaper and should offer the same upside that Montgomery would have.