How To Become a Fantasy Dynasty

By: Little Italy (Publisher)

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The Montreal Canadians, the NY Yankees, the LA Lakers, the Chicago Bulls, and the New England Patriots all come to mind when we hear the word dynasty. These teams became synonymous with the word dynasty because they not only reached the top, but also knew how to stay there. The same can hold true for fantasy owners in dynasty leagues as well, reaching the mountaintop is goal one, staying on top said mountaintop is the second goal, which for us that have won championships know is very difficult to do. However, if you know how to manage a team effectively you will find championships tend to come more frequently to you then teams that are continually mismanaging rosters. Throughout my 10+ year career in fantasy football I have found strategies that work wonders in not only building a strong dynasty team, but also maintaining a strong fantasy team year after year, which I will lay out for you now.

Three-Year Window

The first thing we as dynasty owners must do is be able to look past the current season. This is tough for dynasty virgins to grasp when making the jump into dynasty after only dabbling in redraft leagues. Ideally, I find that looking ahead three years is the best practice for effectively managing a competitive team. Now, by no means will everything go as planned in those three years, however having this foresight is key to staying ahead of the competition. By maintaining a three-year outlook we will know when to move aging players for younger players that have a chance to be just as valuable as the players they are replacing.

Age Window

Have you ever heard of the saying, “It’s better to move on from a player a year too early then a year too late.” If not, this phrase needs to be engrained into the fibers of your brain because it is key in our quest to become a fantasy football dynasty. Knowing when to move on from a player is important in the fact that by doing this we are continually churning our roster over so we do not end up with an aged roster full of washed up vets that nobody wants. These aged rosters would lead to the dreaded “Rebuilding Years” of dynasty football, or as I like to refer to as HELL!! I refer to it as Hell because it is very tough to rebuild a dynasty roster. The waiver wire is generally thin and chalk full of non-fantasy relevant players who are not worth the time of even scrolling through. Secondly, the fact that our active roster is full of aged players past their prime makes it tough to trade for younger assets that would help our teams over the long run. Lastly, we are forced to attack rookie drafts poorly in the sense that we now are drafting for need instead of accumulating the best players available, which I will cover later.

Back to the age window, each position carries a different window in which we want to move players. The running back position we’re looking to move a player while they are still a year or two away from decline (ages 26-28), ensuring we maximize value and return when we move on. For the wide receiver position we can get a few more years out of them before moving on, usually I like to target age 30. For the tight end position I am of the belief if you find a good one ride them into the dirt, due to how thin quality options are at the position. As for quarterback the window is the largest out of all positions and we tend not to worry about it as much. Just be sure to have at least one elite option.

Here are some players I would be looking to move in 2021, 2022, & 2023 from the running back position:


Aaron Jones (26)

Derrick Henry (27)

Chris Carson (26)

2022 & 2023

Dalvin Cook (Will be 26)

Alvin Kamara (Will be 26)

Nick Chubb (Will be 26)

Zeke Elliott (Will be 26)

List of Running Backs I’d be looking to get in return in a deal:

Cam Akers (21)

Antonio Gibson (22)

Jonathan Taylor (22)

Javonte Williams (21)

D’Andre Swift (22)

Najee Harris (23)

Here are some players I would be looking to move in 2021, 2022, & 2023 from the receiver position:


Keenan Allen (29)

Robert Woods (29)

Adam Thielen (30)

Julio Jones (32)

2022 & 2023

Davante Adams (Will be 29)

DeAndre Hopkins (Will be 29)

Michael Thomas (Will be 29)

Tyler Lockett (Will be 29)

OBJ (Will be 29)

Jarvis Landry (Will be 29)

List of players I’d be looking to get in return in a deal:

Diontae Johnson (24)

Michael Pittman Jr. (23)

Jerry Jeudy (22)

Terry McLaurin (25)

Justin Jefferson (22)

DK Metcalf (23)

Ja’ Marr Chase (21)

Elijah Moore (21)

Draft BPA Over Need

Now that we know how to effectively churn our rosters through trades, we can now focus on the last element, which is adding pieces through the rookie draft. As I stated before the key is to select the best player available regardless of team needs. Realistically there are only 20 prospects that are going to be high impact fantasy options quickly for fantasy teams, so we must ensure we get as many of those players as possible each year. By selecting the best player available, we are doing this, versus reaching for a player because we need more help at that position. If we constantly draft for need then you will find every year you will be drafting for need, which in turn, will guarantee non-championship seasons (Need help knowing who to select during drafts? Check out my draft board article here.)


There it is the keys to becoming a true fantasy football dynasty. If you follow these strategies, I can assure you, you will enjoy more years of dominance then years of rebuild. You just have to remember always draft the best player available (no matter the team needs), always be churning your roster over keeping a nice blend of youth and experience, while not getting “OLD”, and lastly always look three years ahead and know when it’s time to move your star players ensuring max return on that investment. This max return should include a high rookie pick in addition to a younger replacement player who offers the same potential value over the next three years, because lets face it even the "sure" top rookies don't always pan out. Now get out there and build those dynasties!!