NFL Franchise Exit Report: Philadelphia Eagles

By: Little Italy (Publisher)

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Division: NFC East

2020 Finish: 27th

Record: (5-11)

2021 First RD Draft Pick: 6th

What went Right in 2020?

Not a lot went right last season for this Eagles Franchise. Injuries played a major role, once again, in this teams disappointing 2020 campaign. Rookie Jalen Reagor disappointed, as did veterans Zach Ertz and Carson Wentz. Even young running back Miles Sanders didn’t live up to the expectations we laid at his feet entering the new season. The only thing to truly go right for the Eagles this season was one, the continuing development and emergence of TE Dallas Goedert, and two, Rookie QB Jalen Hurts showing he can be not only be a viable NFL starter, but fantasy starter as well. In his limited starts to close out the season, Hurts showed us that he can be that Lamar Jackson style quarterback. Hurts is very dangerous with his legs, but he will need to develop more as a passer to truly become that deadly duel threat quarterback. With that said, I will be looking at Hurts in fantasy drafts later this summer around the QB10 mark, which puts him around Ryan Tannehill territory. Dallas Goedert will likely get that TE1 spot all to himself on this team in 2021, as Zach Ertz appears he will be playing his football elsewhere. With Ertz out of the picture, the new coaching staff may be looking to run more 11 personnel (3WR, 1 TE) this season, which will be a change from the Peterson two tight end attack we have been accustomed to seeing the last few years.

What Needs to Improve in 2021?

First and foremost, the coaching needs to improve, which with Peterson out and Nick Sirianni in I believe is a real possibility. Sirianni comes over from that Frank Reich Indy coaching staff, which does have ties to that Doug Peterson style offense, but I am hopeful Sirianni will offer a different offensive approach. With Wentz now a Colt, I feel that Hurts will stabilize the play from the QB position for Philly in 2021. Wentz was a disappointment last season in the sense that his play was terrible. Wentz was missing open guys on the field and making poor decisions, which led to many costly turnovers and his eventual benching. The wide receivers also need to be able to stay healthy, which they haven’t been able to do the last two seasons now. Also, with the release of DeSean Jackson yesterday, and the likely release of Alshon Jeffery soon, the Eagles will need to rebuild at the position via free agency and the draft this spring. Goedert should no longer have his ceiling capped, as I mentioned above, Ertz likely is gone, so his future for fantasy is looking very bright. Miles Sanders also needs to be given 20+ touches a game to fully be that deadly weapon in the backfield. With Hurts starting at QB in 2021, Miles Sanders playing off that run option attack could lead to a big season. So yes, I am fully going all in on Sanders again in 2021. Next time I will dive into the Franchise Exit Report for the Detroit Lions.