One & Done: Championship Round

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Just because the NFL regular season is finished, that doesn't mean the fantasy season has to be finished as well. With the NFL Playoffs set to start this weekend we are able to continue this addiction that we love, that is fantasy football. Luckily for us there is a number of ways to enjoy this addiction, whether it be with DFS, or the various fantasy formats/styles for the NFL Playoffs. My favorite style of fantasy play for the NFL post season is the one and done format. I like this format because you have to be strategic in how you make plays week to week. In this series of articles you the reader will jump on my back and tag along as I navigate my #1 fantasy league's post season fantasy series.

Last week I ended switching Brees out for Mahomes, which was a week saving move. I also switched The GB defense out to save them after much back and forth, and put in the Baltimore Defense. This move along with the other plays highlighted propelled me into second place in our playoff league journey. I am just a small 27.7 fantasy points away from the point lead, and still have all players playing at my disposal, other then Mahomes. As we Turn our attention to the Championship Games, we must first do as we have done the last two weeks, which is decide how these games play out.


Tampa Bay (5) at Green Bay (1) - Packers

Buffalo (2) at KC Chiefs (1) - Chiefs

Now that I have this round mapped out with who I see advancing I can now better formulate a plan to ensure the most points for week two, without the worry of sabotaging the next two weeks that follow. Just a reminder in this league we are required to start the following every week: QB, RB(2), WR(3), TE, 1 FLX(RB/WR/TE), K, D. Now that we have our lineup requirements I can now begin to build our best possible Championship one and done line up, starting with the Quarterback position.

QB -- Josh Allen @ Kansas City

Josh Allen and the Bills have had a magical run this season, but I feel the magic runs out this week in Kansas City. However, before the Bills exit the post season race I will be sure to collect all the fantasy points Allen is set to produce this week. Allen comes in as my top ranked quarterback this week. I have Allen projected with a 26/40- 302-2 passing line, with an additional 25 yards on the ground. That is a solid day for a losing quarterback, so get him in line ups.

RB -- Leonard Fournette @ Green Bay

Fournette has been the back to own in TB over the last few weeks. I like his usage and production to continue this week in frigid Green Bay. Over the last two games Fournette has received 17+ carries, along with and average of five targets. Green Bay is vulnerable to the ground game, as Cam Akers, showed last week in a losing effort. I like Fournette to produce with Ronald Jones still nursing that quad injury.

RB -- Devin Singletary @ Kansas City

Singletary severely underwhelmed last week, in a game I and many in the industry projected to be a smash spot. This isn't a play that will lead to a lot of fantasy production, but it is one that will preserve my projected Super Bowl backs, for me to go into the final round with a loaded line up, hopefully. KC is weak against the run and underneath passing game, which should give Singletary the chance to produce.

WR -- Stefon Diggs @ Kansas City

Diggs has been amazing this season for Buffalo and fantasy football owners. Even with Allen trending down over the last few weeks, Diggs has still produced. I expect more of the same this week, even though he had arguably his worst game of the season against the Chiefs. Diggs comes in as my second ranked wide out for the week, trailing only Hill. I have him projected with a whopping 8 catches for 101 yards and a 50% chance of scoring.

WR -- Mike Evans @ Green Bay

Evans was quiet last week in the Divisional win against the Saints, but that was expected, as Lattimore has had his number. Evans did score with his only reception on thee day however. This weekend I feel Evans and Godwin will be plenty busy. I am projecting Evans with 4 grabs for 68 yards and a 50% chance of scoring.

WR -- Chris Godwin @ Green Bay

Some may say I am playing a dangerous game here going all in on the TB wideouts, in the event they win. I would argue yes it's dangerous, but I trust my projections in the outcome of both these games. Whether you call it bullish or ballsy, the fact still remains I like both Evans and Godwin to produce this week. I have Godwin projected for 5 grabs and 71 yards and a 40% chance of scoring.

FLX-- John Brown @ Kansas City

If Bashaud Breeland is forced to miss the game this week with a concussion, Brown's stock soars this week. Yes, I know that Brown was shut out early this season when these two teams clashed, but I project a much better day for Brown this week. I have him projected for 4 grabs 62 yards and a 40% chance of scoring.

TE -- Tune into the Godfathers Table Podcast

Sorry guys and gals, much like last week, you will have to check out the latest edition of our Pod this Friday Night to get the answer to this one.

K -- Mason Crosby VS Tampa Bay

I am going with a kicker who is no stranger to the post season, and also a proven veteran in this spot. By going with Crosby I will be leaving both AFC kickers in play for the Super Bowl. Crosby has been solid this season connecting on all of his field goal attempts, even though he only attempted just 16, due to the Packers high scoring offense finding the end zone on the reg. On PAT's, Crosby hit 59 of 63 for a 93.7% conversion rate. In the projected coldest game of the weekend Crosby may be busy.

DEF -- Green Bay VS Tampa Bay

I pivoted off these guys last week, just to give me more options this week. I am for sure going to role them out this week, as I project this game to be lower scoring then the AFC Championship game. TB's O-Line has been sketchy this season, which has led to The Goat being put on the turf several times. I am willing to bet this improving GB defense will continue that harassment of Brady this week. By going GB I will have either Buffalo or KC available for the Super Bowl.