One & Done: Divisional Round

Just because the NFL regular season is finished, that doesn't mean the fantasy season has to be finished as well. With the NFL Playoffs set to start this weekend we are able to continue this addiction that we love, that is fantasy football. Luckily for us there is a number of ways to enjoy this addiction, whether it be with DFS, or the various fantasy formats/styles for the NFL Playoffs. My favorite style of fantasy play for the NFL post season is the one and done format. I like this format because you have to be strategic in how you make plays week to week. In this series of articles you the reader will jump on my back and tag along as I navigate my #1 fantasy league's post season fantasy series.

So last week I got burned by the Seahawks and Steelers both losing games I had them winning. This meant I missed out on big fantasy days by JuJu, Ben, and Diontae, which stings, I am not going to lie, but this is what makes these one and done playoff leagues so much fun. Regardless, my team was still chalk full of good plays which has me just about four points out of first in this league, with a ton of top players at my disposal. Last week we collected big days from Matt Gay, the Rams Defense, AJ Brown, Jonathon Taylor, Nick Chubb, Marquise Brown, Lamar Jackson, and Logan Thomas. We also got Allen Robinson and Derrick Henry's small point contribution on their way out the door. Now we turn our attention to the next round of games, and I must again first figure out who I see emerging as winners this week. Let's take a look at how these games project to play out:


LA Rams (6) at GB Packers (1) - Packers

Baltimore (5) at Buffalo (2) - Buffalo


Browns (6) at KC Chiefs (1) - Chiefs

Tampa Bay (5) at New Orleans (2) - Bucs

Now that I have this round mapped out with who I see advancing I can now better formulate a plan to ensure the most points for week two, without the worry of sabotaging the next two weeks that follow. Just a reminder in this league we are required to start the following every week: QB, RB(2), WR(3), TE, 1 FLX(RB/WR/TE), K, D. Now that we have our lineup requirements I can now begin to build our best possible Divisional one and done line up, starting with the Quarterback position.

QB -- Drew Brees VS Tampa Bay

As you can see in the above round projections I have NO losing. With that said I feel I absolutely need to get the future hall of famer in the line up for what is likely his final game in the NFL. Brees has absolutely owned this Tampa defense this season going 2-0. Brees has thrown for six total touchdowns against this Tampa Bay defense, while also not committing a single interception. Now, I do have them losing, but I think the game will be competitive meaning Brees will give solid fantasy production to our line up on his way out the door. I have him projected with a 23/34-264-2 line this week, which makes him my QB6 this week.

RB -- Cam Akers @ Green Bay

Another player I am getting into my line up before he exits the playoff race is Rams rookie Cam Akers. This kid has been on an absolute terror as of late. Last week he carried this offense to a win, and I fully expect his workhorse like role to continue this week against a GB defense that has allowed the sixth most fantasy points to the position this season. I am bullish on Akers, as I have been since he was drafted, and have him as my RB1 this week in a losing effort at Lambeau.

RB -- Alvin Kamara VS Tampa Bay

Much like Brees I have to get Kamara into my line up this week before he exits the post season. Kamara has a difficult matchup on the ground against this stout Bucs run defense, however TB can be gashed by backs in the passing attack. In the two games this season against this defense Kamara caught five balls in each game while averaging thirty yards. He also found the end zone in each of these games as well. Don't expect a monster day from the star running back, but expect a solid fantasy contribution from him on his way out the door.

WR -- Michael Thomas VS Tampa Bay

Sticking with the Saints I am plugging in their star wide receiver this week as well. Michael Thomas looked good last week in his first action back from yet another injury as he was able to catch 5 of 7 for 73, as well as find the end zone. In Thomas' last six games against this TB defense he has averaged ten targets per game. Thomas has also averaged 9 receptions for 107 yards and found the end zone four times during this span. I fully expect this Saints passing game being in full swing this week, which means Thomas should be busy in this losing effort. We have to get those fantasy points out of him now before it's to late.

WR -- Jarvis Landry @ Kansas City

Landry has been balling out for fantasy owners over the last four weeks. I have him projected for another big game this week against the defending Super Bowl Champion Chiefs. The Chiefs likely will be in control for most, if not all of this game, which means the game script will be in Landry's favor. This script, as well as his role in the passing attack should lead to another day in which he piles up fantasy points.

WR -- Rashard Higgins @ Kansas City

Tentatively I'm putting Higgins here awaiting word on the status of Cooper Kupp. If Kupp doesn't go I fully expect the Rams to move Woods into the slot to escape the coverage of young star CB Jaire Alexander. However, I still don't like the potential game script in that one for the Rams passing attack without Kupp. If Kupp is a go, he is my play here, as I feel he will be busy inside, I feel Kupp will be busy due to the fact that Woods and Reynolds will be locked down on the perimeter, because this is where the Packers are very good defensively. However, if Kupp is a no go this leads me to playing yet another Browns wide out in Higgins, as this game projects to feature the most points. I think Baker makes for a sneaky DFS play this week, as he seems to play well when playing from behind, and Higgins benefits from that play. I feel the Browns have zero chances of winning this one, so want to double dip into the receiving corps this week to save other options for the final two weeks.

TE -- Mark Andrews @ Buffalo

I am still nervous about the outcome of this game. I feel this is going to be a close contest where the winner wins by a score of 27-24, but that winner could be either Buffalo or Baltimore. I'm going with the Bills staying hot and advancing which tells me I must absolutely get Andrews into my line up this week. I have Andrews ranked as my TE2 this week only behind Travis Kelce. The Bills proved last week they struggle against tight ends, as they allowed the Colts TE trio to catch 14 of 16 targets. The Bills did a great job last year holding Lamar to just 40 rushing yards, which means he likely will need to get it done with his arm this week, rather then his legs. This bodes well for Andrews who is one of Jackson's go to guys in the passing attack. I have Andrews projected with 4 catches for 57 yards and a 50% chance of scoring.

FLX -- Tune into the Godfathers Table Podcast

Sorry guys and gals, much like last week, you will have to check out the latest edition of our Pod this Friday Night to get the answer to this one. The truth is I am just stalling because I have yet to decide who I am going with in this spot. There are so many options and so many question marks still hanging over the weekend to yet make my decision here.

K -- Justin Tucker @ Buffalo

I'm going with the veteran kicker here this week. No real in depth reason, I just have a gut feeling he connects on a few long field goals. ANALYSIS!!!!

DEF -- Green Bay VS LA Rams

Much like I did last week when selecting the Rams defense, I am going with the game with the lowest projected total. I think this will be a big day for this Packers defense, on the turnover front. Goff will likely get the start this week, but he isn't going to be 100% with that thumb, which will lead to some turnovers.