One & Done Playoff: Wild Card

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Just because the NFL regular season is finished, that doesn't mean the fantasy season has to be finished as well. With the NFL Playoffs set to start this weekend we are able to continue this addiction that we love, that is fantasy football. Luckily for us there is a number of ways to enjoy this addiction, whether it be with DFS, or the various fantasy formats/styles for the NFL Playoffs. My favorite style of fantasy play for the NFL post season is the one and done format. I like this format because you have to be strategic in how you make plays week to week. In this series of articles you the reader will jump on my back and tag along as I navigate my #1 fantasy league's post season fantasy series.

To be successful in this one and done format you must first map out how you see the NFL post season playing out. So with that in mind, how do I see the Wild Card Round playing out? Let's take a look below:


Indianapolis (7) at BUFFALO (2) - Buffalo

LA Rams (6) at SEATTLE (3) - Seattle

TAMPA BAY (5) Washington (4) - Tampa Bay


Baltimore (5) at TENNESSEE (4) - Baltimore

Chicago (7) at NEW ORLEANS (2) - Saints

Cleveland (6) at PITTSBURGH (3) - Pittsburgh

Now that I have this round mapped out with who I see advancing I can now better formulate a plan to ensure the most points for week one, without the worry of sabotaging the next three weeks that follow. In this league we are required to start the following every week: QB, RB(2), WR(3), TE, 1 FLX(RB/WR/TE), K, D. Now that we have our lineup requirements I can now begin to build our best possible Wild Card one and done line up, starting with the Quarterback position.

QB -- Lamar Jackson @ Tennessee

Yes, I know you may be a bit confused by me having Lamar starting despite projecting the Ravens advancing. Many would assume that I would be picking a QB from a team who I have losing, such as Tannehill, Mayfield, Trubisky, or Phillip Rivers. Here is the thing, Yes, it is important to use players with good matchups before they lose, however, for guys such as Lamar we want to use games that we feel will be their maximum point game. I am betting Lamar will have more fantasy points this week in Tennessee then he would have if the Ravens advance to the Divisional game in KC. By playing Lamar this week I am achieving two things; one, I ensure myself a better opportunity for more fantasy points from Lamar this week against a weaker defense then I would next week against KC. Secondly, by playing Lamar now, in the event they lose to Tennessee I will still have Tannehill as an option next week. Lamar is ranked as my QB1 this weekend, as I have him projected with 27.6 fantasy points.

RB -- Derrick Henry VS Baltimore

For my first running back this week I am going with King Henry, who I have entering Wild Card Weekend ranked as my RB2. I project Henry to score 22.4 fantasy points, which puts him right behind Alvin Kamara on the week. Like I have mentioned above, I foresee a Titan loss this weekend so must get Henry plugged in now if I want to collect those all important points, and there should be plenty of points generated by Henry in this one. Much like Lamar, I feel if the Titans were to advance this week Henry is more valuable this week then next, as a date in KC doesn't set up well for Henry to be productive in the fantasy landscape. Yes, the Chiefs are more vulnerable to the run, however, just rewind to the AFC Championship last season where Henry was non existent in the second half when the Chiefs took command of the game. Get Henry and his max points in your line up this week.

RB -- Jonathan Taylor @ Buffalo

Of course I'm going with the chalkiest play at the position this weekend as my RB2. To quote one of the greatest heel managers in the wrestling industry ever, Paul Heyman, I feel that Buffalo is going to "Victimize, Beat, and Conquer" the Indy Colts this week, as Josh Allen will drop back, bomb, TD, and Repeat all afternoon. Despite this playoff execution I see playing out in front of the 7,000 #BillsMafia in attendance, I do still feel Taylor will get his and go down swinging, or should I say scoring. Taylor is fresh off the heels of winning many owners fantasy titles and an insane 250+ yard game last week, which will overflow into Buffalo as he finds the end zone to cap off a successful rookie campaign. Taylor comes into the Wild Card Weekend sitting only behind Kamara and Henry in my rankings as my RB3. I have Taylor projected with111 total yards and a touch which will garner 18.7 fantasy points on the day.

WR -- AJ Brown VS Baltimore

Sticking with my Titans losing narrative, I have to get Brown into my lineup this week to get those fantasy points locked up. The Ravens defense to start the year was a scary prospect for wide outs to go against, however, they had fallen off as the season transitioned into the winter months. AJ Brown actually comes in projected as my WR2 on the week with 17.6 fantasy points projected (5-80 with a 70% chance of scoring). Back in week 11 in the Titans win against this team, AJ Brown caught 4 of 7 for 62 and a touch, which shows he can get it done against this defense. Yes, I still have nightmares from his 1 catch for 9 yards playoff performance against these Ravens last post season, but this will be a high scoring affair and Henry won't dominate on the ground as he did in that meeting.

WR -- Allen Robinson @ New Orleans

In my WR2 spot this week I will be placing yet another superstar whose team has 0.0 chances of winning this week. Despite the Bears not having a snow balls chance in hell of winning, Allen should still be able to produce solid fantasy numbers in a losing effort. Back in week eight against this defense Allen caught 6 of 7 for 87 yards and a touch, but that was with Foles under center. Regardless, Robinson has been able to produce solid numbers all season no matter who was under center. I have Robinson projected with 6-80 and a 40% chance of scoring, which puts him at WR4 in my rankings with 16.5 fantasy points.

WR -- Marquise Brown @ Tennessee

Despite having the Raven winning, I am putting Hollywood in my starting lineup as my WR3. The Titans are absolutely repugnant on the back end, which Brandin Cooks showed us last week can be exploited. Hollywood has been on fire to close out the season, in fact since that game against Pittsburgh, Brown has ranked as the WR12 in fantasy. I like Brown's speed to wreak havoc this week against this bad secondary on his way to a solid fantasy day. I am projecting Brown with 4-66 and a 60% chance to score, which is good enough for 14.2 fantasy points, which I think is just his floor this week.

TE -- Logan Thomas VS Tampa Bay

At first, I was going to plug in Austin Hooper in this spot, who has transformed from a reception monster last season in Atlanta, into a touchdown machine for the Browns to close out the season. However, with all the Covid concerns in that organization, as well as the fact that the Browns will be without their head coach have made me pivot to Logan Thomas. Thomas has been a blessing sent from the fantasy gods this season. He seemingly came out of nowhere to finish as a top option at a position that is full of skank. Thomas essentially has been The Football Teams WR2 behind Terry McLaurin, playing from tight end. I like that role to remain intact this week when The Team hosts the Bucs Saturday night. The Bucs have a weakness when it comes to covering the position, and now without Devin White suiting up for TB Saturday, I feel Thomas will deliver in the projected loss. Thomas comes in 2nd behind only Mark Andrews this week in my rankings, as I have him projected for 4-47 and 60% chance of scoring.

FLX -- Tune into the Godfathers Table Podcast

Sorry guys and gals but you will have to check out the latest edition of our Pod to get the answer to this one. The truth is I am just stalling because I have yet to decide who I am going with in this spot. There are so many options and so many question marks still hanging over the weekend to yet make my decision here.

K -- Matt Gay @ Seattle

This is one of the games with a lot of question marks surrounding it, for instance is Goff playing or not playing? However, despite these question marks this figures to be one of, if not, the lowest scoring game of the weekend. This means it sets up beautifully for the kickers in the contest, and with me projecting the Rams to lose, I'm rolling with Gay over Myers. Gay has been good as the Rams kicker hitting 100% of his XP's (16/16). and 87.5% of his FG's (14/16). In fact, in a game against Seattle a few weeks ago Gay went 3 for 3 in Field Goals.

DEF -- LA Rams @ Seattle

Like I mentioned above, I foresee this being a low scoring affair. I like what the Rams defense has done with applying pressure up front, as well as locking down the back end this season. There should be both sacks and turnovers forced in this contest by the Rams defense. I am going with the projected losing defense that should still net solid fantasy points on their way out the door.