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Player Prop Targets: Early Slate

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Tier One Bets

D. Singletary UNDER 15.5 Rush ATT. (W)

B. Mayfield OVER .5 INT's (W)

K. Hunt UNDER 19.5 Rush ATT. (W)

D. Henry UNDER 86.5 Rush YDS. (W)

M. Davis OVER 14.5 Rush ATT. (L)

J. Williams OVER 24.5 Rush YDS. (W)

J. Allen OVER 1.5 Pass TD's (L)

S. Diggs OVER 75.5 Rec. YDS. (L)

S. Diggs OVER 5.5 Rec. (W)

G. Bernard OVER 13.5 Rush ATT. (L)

M. Davis OVER 4.5 Rec. (W)

Da. Johnson UNDER 85.5 Total YDS. (W)

A. Dalton UNDER 264.5 Pass YDS. (W)

D. Schultz OVER 27.5 Rec. YDS. (L)

Tier Two Bets

B. Mayfield UNDER 234.5 Pass YDS. (L)

J. Burrow OVER 24.5 Comp. (W)

G. Bernard OVER 3.5 Rec. (W)

T. Higgins OVER 58.5 Rec. YDS. (W)

K. Hunt UNDER 87.5 Rush YDS. (W)

J. Allen OVER 280.5 Pass YDS. (W)

J. Allen UNDER .5 INT's (W)

D. Singletary UNDER 56.5 Rush YDS. (W)

M. Ryan UNDER 310.5 Pass YDS. (L)

M. Ryan > M. Stafford Pass YDS. (L)

R. Gage OVER 34.5 Rec. YDS. (W)

T. Hockenson OVER 38.5 Rec. YDS. (W)

T. Hockenson OVER 3.5 Rec. (W)

B. Roethlisberger UNDER 275.5 Pass YDS. (W)

D. Henry UNDER 22.5 Rush ATT. (W)

C. Lamb OVER 61.5 Rec. YDS. (L)

R. Anderson OVER 71.5 Rec. YDS. (W)

L. Murray OVER 9.5 Rush ATT. (W)

D. Watson UNDER 295.5 Pass YDS. (L)

D. Adams OVER 83.5 Rec. YDS. (W)

W. Fuller UNDER 69.5 Rec. YDS. (W)

R. Cobb OVER 42.5 Rec. YDS. (W)

Tier Three Bets

J. Allen OVER 23.5 Comp. (W)

T. Boyd UNDER 5.5 Rec. (L)

T. Boyd UNDER 62.5 Rec. YDS (L)

K. Hunt UNDER 19.5 Rec. YDS. (L)

M. Stafford OVER 23.5 Comp. (W)

K. Hunt UNDER 3.5 Rec. (W)

A. Peterson OVER 42.5 Rush YDS. (L)

R. Tannehill UNDER 250 Pass YDS. (W)

R. Tannehill UNDER 15.5 Rush YDS. (W)

B. Roethlisberger UNDER 25.5 Comp. (L)

J. Conner OVER 15.5 Rush ATT. (W)

Kyle Allen OVER 8.5 Rush YDS. (W)

E. Elliott UNDER 83.5 Rush YDS. (W)

A. Gibson UNDER 21.5 Rec. YDS. (W)

A. Cooper UNDER 67.5 Rec. YDS. (L)

T. Bridgewater UNDER 13.5 Rush YDS (W)

T. Bridgewater UNDER 24.5 Comp. (W)

A. Rodgers UNDER 25.5 Comp. (W)

D. Adams UNDER 7.5 Rec. (L)

W. Fuller UNDER 5.5 Rec. (W)

Finished in the Green (39-17)(70%)

Season Record (268-188) (59%)

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