The Washington Football Team 2020 Fantasy Guide

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

The Washington Football Team finished last in the NFC East in 2019 with a record of (3-13). Scott Turner is the new offensive coordinator being brought in by new head coach Ron Rivera. It was clear that a change was needed to be made with the offense ranking dead last in points scored in 2019. This offensive scheme will be a run based offense similar to what we saw in Carolina. To figure out this offenses identity in 2020 is not difficult you just have to look at the roster and it tells you that they are a run first offense, and then throw when they have to. This team during the rebuild will have a very old school look and feel to it, as they will run the ball and rely on their defense. A defense that figures to be much improved in 2020. The team will be without their pro bowl tackle Trent Williams, as he has finally been granted his trade to the 49ers. The left tackle and left guard figure to be the team’s biggest weakness up front and could cause issues for this run game, as well as passing game.

Dwayne Haskins (QB) – it was obvious through 2019 that Haskins still needs time to develop. At the start of his time as a starter he struggled mightily, but as the season grew longer he started to show signs of improvement. Haskins appeared improved in the pocket and more comfortable towards then end of the season. Haskins was never known for having quick feet, but looking at the film he did seem to move better when inside the pocket. This offseason Haskins has worked hard to take of body fat and get leaner. The knock on Haskins is his game lacks that secondary reaction, but he tries to make up for it with his big arm.

Fantasy Spin: With the lack of off season programs around the league and the fact that the organization brought in Kyle Allen, who knows the system is a little concerning. Does this signify that Haskins won’t get the start on week one if the team doesn’t get a lot of reps in during the off season? While some are worried we are not. Haskins is the guy right now to own out of this group of signal callers for the Washington Football Team. Now with that said we wouldn’t be looking to actively target Haskins in normal sized 1 quarterback leagues as he is our 29th ranked quarterback in redraft. In Dynasty he comes in as our 29th ranked quarterback as well.

Adrian Peterson/Derrius Guice/Antonio Gibson (RB) – this offense will go through Guice and Peterson. The team will figure out a way to use rookie Antonio Gibson, as he is dynamic and can be used as a slot receiver or a running back. Scott Turner being the offensive coordinator bodes well for Gibson because he spent time figuring out ways to maximize the skill set and talent of Christian McCaffrey, whose skill set is similar to Gibson. Now we aren’t saying that Gibson is the second coming of CMC, but he does show similar traits on film to him. Gibson has great run after catch ability, and by looking at his film would make for a very good slot receiver in this league. Many have Gibson pegged for the backfield here, but we think the Washington Football Team would be wise to utilize him in the slot, as they are in need of quality pass catchers to compliment Terry McLaurin. Guice is projected to be the team’s starter, but has proven over his first two seasons he can’t stay healthy. His knees have been the issue and that is not a good injury for a back. Adrian Peterson just seems to keep going and last season was actually the best back on this team. The team also went out and added Peyton Barber and JD Mckissic, oh and don’t forget about Bryce Love who was getting some love entering the draft last season.

Fantasy Spin: Gibson possesses a large catch radius and has great hands, which is why he projects to us to be better suited as receiver then a running back. The team needs a solid option to compliment McLaurin. However, since Gibson is being listed as a running back we will rank him as such. In dynasty we have him as our 39th ranked running back. In redraft he is our 45th running back. As far as redraft Gibson really is the only appealing target out of this backfield to us. The age of Peterson and the injury history of Guice just aren’t worth taking the risk. We have Guice ranked as our 50th running back in redraft and 42nd in dynasty, but his ADP is way too high to be of any value. Peterson offers some value in terms of ADP, but we have him ranked as our 55th ranked running back in redraft entering 2020 due to his lack of usage in the passing game, and age has him 85th in our dynasty rankings at the position.

Terry McLaurin/Kelvin Harmon/Trey Quinn/Antonio Gandy-Golden/Steven Sims (WR) – one thing you see while looking at the tape from Terry McLaurin in 2019 is how he possesses dynamic quickness and speed. While in college he did show glimpses of this speed and quickness at his time in Ohio State and is why he was put in that category of being just a fast deep vertical threat guy, Ala Will Fuller. It’s easy to see why he would be lumped into that group because during his time there he never had over 35 catches in a single season. However, McLaurin showed he is much more than that during his rookie season. McLaurin ran a lot of in breaking routes and slants as a rookie and in doing so showed a lot of toughness. Once the ball was in his hands he showed how instant and sudden his acceleration is. Behind McLaurin there really isn’t much to get excited about for 2020. Rookie Antonio Golden-Gandy is exciting and a very smart player, but the lack of on field reps this offseason could cause him to not be an immediate contributor. It is no secret that the position that struggles typically the most with a lack of on field work is quarterback and receiver. So with that said it is easy to assume that Gandy will struggle more picking up the offense more so than an Antonio Gibson, who likely will be more involved in the run game. Kelvin Harmon figures to get the nod opposite McLaurin at the start of the season, but lacks juice and upside. Harmen has trouble creating separation from defenders because he doesn’t move particularly well. Trey Quinn will likely man the slot for the Washington Football Team in 2020.

Fantasy Spin: McLaurin is the wide receiver to target from this squad in redraft and dynasty. McLaurin can be viewed as a WR2 in both formats. We have him ranked as our 23rd wide receiver in redraft and 14th in dynasty entering 2020. As far as Antonio Gandy Golden he is a target in dynasty leagues as he will have great opportunity in the future due to lack of good options at the position in Washington. He has the skill set and traits to become a viable fantasy asset starting likely in 2021. Gandy comes in as our 63rd ranked WR in dynasty. Harmen comes in as our 106th ranked receiver in dynasty formats and isn’t valuable in redraft leagues entering 2020

UPDATE: Kelvin Harmen tore his ACL prior to training camp and this will likely thrust Steven Sims into that WR2 role. Or the team may give Gandy-Golden they keys to the WR2 kingdom sooner than anticipated if he's ready.

JereHamy Sprinkle/Thaddeus Moss (TE)Entering 2020 this could quite possibly be the single worse tight end group in the league. Jeremy Sprinkle figures to be the day one starter in the team’s first season without former star tight end Jordan Reed in the fold. Thaddeus Moss was drafted by the team this spring in the draft and can be looked at as the team’s future at the position.

Fantasy Spin: Sprinkle has minimal redraft value as he ranks as our 36th tight end for redraft entering 2020. Moss is a late dynasty target as he could offer some value in a few years once he develops.

Defense – This defense, much like the offense ranked towards the bottom (27th) in points allowed. The unit will now be led by former Raiders and Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio. We can expect to see a 4-3 base defense this season, as Rivera historically likes to run that formation. This defense has the potential to be significantly better in 2020, not only from a coaching aspect but a personnel stand point as well. The front seven has the potential to be very good and be the strength of this unit in 2020. The team went out and solidified their linebacker position, which isn’t a surprise as both Rivera and Del Rio played that very position. The position was solidified during free agency when they brought in middle linebacker Thomas Davis, who feels like he has been around forever. Then they add Ohio States star pass rusher Chase Young as their first round pick in the draft. The team’s defensive tackles are really good in Da’Ron Payne and Jonathan Allen. The weakness of this defense will definitely be on the back end. Despite the edition of Kendell Fuller from the Chiefs they are underwhelming. Opposite Fuller you have Fabian Moreau who is just a guy and nothing very special.

Fantasy Spin: We like this defense to be much improved this season compared to last. In terms of fantasy the squad has streamer potential this season as they rank as our 16th defense entering 2020. The pass rush should be able to generate sacks and turnovers, which will rack up the points for our fantasy teams.

Strength of Schedule

The Washington Football Team wide receiver corps will face the 8th toughest schedule this fantasy regular season. Their playoff schedule will be the 4th toughest during weeks 14-16. The backs will be looking at the easiest schedule during the fantasy regular season. The back will then have the 16th easiest schedule during the fantasy playoffs. Haskins will face the 11th easiest schedule during the fantasy regular season, and the 5th toughest during weeks 14-16. Sprinkle will face the 3rd easiest fantasy regular season schedule and will face the 7th toughest playoff schedule from weeks 14-16.