Rookie Prospect: Brevin Jordan (TE)

Projected Round to Be Drafted:

After looking at the film on Brevin Jordan the team at Prop Bet Fantasy grades him out as a 3.5 out of 5 star NFL prospect. This grade would have him just a notch below Kyle Pitts and Pat Freiermuth. Based on our teams evaluation we feel Jordan profiles as a player that should be selected towards the end of the second round of the NFL Draft.


* True Athlete

* YAC Monster

* Physical/Explosive

* Willing Blocker

* Position Versatility

Jordan has shown a willingness to stay inside the box and block, even though he isn't the most consistent or best at it. Jordan has self admittedly stated he works on this part of his game to become better. By no means is Jordan terrible in this category and will no doubt be able to become more consistent as a blocker. Jordan has also shown through his career that he is able to line up from all over the offensive formation. Jordan has played in-line and detached from the line, which is a key attribute in a fast smooth transition to the pro level. Jordan is a true athlete with good size, ball skills, and athleticism which makes him a truly dynamic player. This athleticism creates significant mismatches for opposing defenders. Jordan has shown an ability to dominate the seam and middle of the field. Jordan uses his physicality and explosiveness to eat up yards after the catch. In looking at his 2019 film and stats we find that on 37% of his 35 receptions were accompanied by at least ten yards after the catch, showcasing his supreme after catch skills.


* Route Running

* Contested Catches

* Blocking Work

* Drops

As mentioned above Jordan is willing to block, but he needs work to sharpen that part of his game. Jordan has a tendency to fall off blocks, due largely in part from failure to square up and also his tendency of using wide hands. Jordan also needs work on sharpening his route running to be able to create more separation from defenders. Jordan seems to have a habit of just running to open space on the field rather then running defined routes. Jordan has also demonstrated trouble in winning contested catches routinely. Jordan also has had some issues with drops as well.

NFL Player Comp:

* Evan Engram (NY Giants)

We feel the closest NFL comparison for Jordan is NY tight end Evan Engram. Not only are they similar in size and build, but they both have a knack for making ridiculous catches. Jordan has shown through his collegian career that he can make these circus catches consistently. We honestly would rank Jordan higher then Engram in terms of this stage of being a prospect, as Jordan is a far better blocker then Engram was at this stage of the draft process.

Ideal Landing Spot:

* Pittsburgh Steelers

The ideal fit for Jordan in our eyes is the Pittsburgh Steelers. If the draft falls the way we see it that would mean Jordan still being on the board towards the end of the second round. If he is in fact there when Pittsburgh picks they should no doubt look to write his name down on that card. Pittsburgh is likely headed towards a cap restructuring /cut down, which could mean a hole at the position that will need to be filled. Pittsburgh also values players with good work ethic and willingness to get better, which Jordan possesses, and is clear in his willingness to block.