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Rookie Prospect: Henry Ruggs III (WR)

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Projected Round to Be Drafted:

Henry Ruggs is being viewed by many as a top three wide receiving prospect in the upcoming NFL Draft. We would have to agree that his talent and skillset warrant the sediments above as he grades out to us at The Elite Fantasy as a round one talent.


*Insanely Fast

*Strong Hands

*Catch in Traffic

*Red Zone Threat

*Rare Body Flex


Henry has legit 4.2 speed which is his top attribute that will carry over to the pro level. He demonstrates great hands at the catch point. Ruggs makes catching the ball in traffic look easy. Ruggs' athletic ability makes him a red zone threat due to his speed and ability to leap. Ruggs also illustrates a rare body flexibility where he is able to twist his body in ways unimaginable to stay in bounds. The last attribute he holds is his slippery nature meaning he is a hard guy to catch and bring down in the open field.


*Press Coverage *Route Running

*Separation at Line

Ruggs does have areas in his game that needs improvement in. Ruggs lacks press coverage experience. Ruggs also lacks the finesse to create space at the line of scrimmage. Ruggs also is not very experienced in running diverse routes. These areas will need to be improved upon to truly take this speedster to the next level where he will be able to be a teams true number one receiver.

NFL Player Comp:

*Tyreek Hill

Ruggs has insane speed and his play and skillset resembles that of the cheetah himself Tyreek Hill.

Ideal Landing Spots:

*New Orleans Saints

There are many teams in need of wide receivers this coming season, which is why the deep class coming in will be a welcomed sight. For Ruggs there is one contender who could use his skillset to get to the next level and that is the Saints. If Ruggs is there when the Saints are on the clock he should be taken. That offense would be insane with the speedsters addition.

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