Rookie Prospect: Jake Fromm (QB)

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

With the NFL combine just weeks away we here at The Elite Fantasy wanted to start looking at some players who have the potential of being fantasy contributors on the next level sooner rather than later. The objective of these player spot lights, that you will see over the next few weeks, are to discuss what we like and what we don't about the incoming rookie class. We have taken a look at the film and have made some notes and now we can share what we have found with you, our Elite Family. The first four player spotlights we featured were on Utah State Quarterback Jordan Love, Florida Atlantic Tight End Harrison Bryant, Vanderbilt Running Back Ke'Shawn Vaughn, and South Carolina Wide Receiver Bryan Edwards, which you can find in our Fantasy Article section under news. Next we want to focus on Georgia Quarterback Jake Fromm.

Projected Round to Be Drafted:

Fromm is being viewed by many analysts around the league as a day two talent. Many have him projected as a second round talent in this years upcoming NFL draft. We would have to agree with this assessment as this years class is full of top caliber passers which will push Fromm out of the first round.


* Field Vision

* Touch, Timing, Anticipation

* Polished Mechanics

Fromm has gone on record a few times stating that he is the most NFL ready in this class. Looking at the film that is debatable but he does have some attributes that an NFL quarterback needs to be successful on the next level. The first is field vision. Fromm has shown the ability to work past his first and second reads to find the best option before throwing the ball. Fromm illustrates good throwing mechanics. Fromm releases the ball quickly and the delivery is nice and smooth. His lower body mechanics are good when he throws as he plants feet and drives the ball on an even base. With these good mechanics Fromm is great at placing the ball on time, dropping dimes. All these areas will transition well into the NFL.


* Arm Strength

* Not Athletic

The biggest concern we have with Fromm is his arm strength. Fromm has difficulty pushing the ball deep down field. Fromm lacks the velocity on throws to hit that deep home run ball. Another area where Fromm grades out below average is his ability to escape pressure. Fromm is not the most athletic in he can not run laterally very well. So this lack of elusiveness will push him down draft boards.

NFL Player Comp:

* Andy Dalton

Fromm has been compared to Drew Brees, as like Fromm, Drew came into the league with a weaker arm. However, we see more Andy Dalton in Fromm's game then a Drew Brees.

Ideal Landing Spot:

* Minnesota Vikings

When looking at ideal fits for Fromm we thought of a number of teams that Fromm could go to. For instance we felt a year or two behind Brady in New England could be good for him, we could also say the same as far as him sitting behind Rodgers in Green Bay. We could see him potentially going to Jacksonville or Tennessee, but for us the ideal landing spot for Fromm would be Minnesota. Fromm needs an offense that doesn't need to rely on the pass and the Vikings having one of the top running back corps in the league fits the bill. Also Fromm needs reliable pass catchers who can adjust to bad throws and the Vikings have two of the best in Diggs and Thielen. He could learn behind Cousins in 2020 and then perhaps take over as soon as 2021.