Rookie Prospect: Joe Burrow (QB)

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Projected Round to Be Drafted:

It is no secret where everybody and their mother sees Burrow gong in the draft. Burrow is the consensus first over all pick when the Bengals get on the clock this spring. We would agree with that assessment, as we grade Burrow out to be one of, if not the top, offensive weapons entering the NFL Draft.


* Football IQ

* Accuracy

* Size

The attribute that puts Burrows head and shoulders above the others in this class is his football IQ. Burrows draws comparison to Tom Brady in this category as at such an early stage of his game he has the football IQ to be great. Burrows demonstrates Elite decision making and ability to read through his progressions quickly and efficiently. The next attribute is his pin point accuracy on throws. Burrow possesses pin point accuracy when delivering balls to his playmakers. The last attribute he has that will garner him top pick status is his size. Burrows is 6' 4" 216 pounds and that size will allow him to remain durable throughout his career.


* Arm Strength

The biggest and really only flaw we see in Burrows game is his arm strength when forced out of the pocket. When Burrow is forced to throw off schedule his velocity and power is not there to drive the ball accurately down field. Burrow to max out arm has to be set to really get the full body into the throw.

NFL Player Comp:

* Tony Romo

Burrow has been compared to many quarterbacks over the years. Some have compared him to the GOAT, Tom Brady, but we see more of Tony Romo in his play style.

Ideal Landing Spot:

* Cincinnati Bengals The Bengals are indeed the perfect fit when it comes to Burrow. They have a top ten run game which will aide Burrow in his progression and adaptation into the NFL. The Bengals when healthy boast one of the top lines in the NFL which will be able to keep Burrow on schedule when making his throws.