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Rookie Prospect: Jordan Love (QB)

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

With the NFL combine just weeks away we here at The Elite Fantasy wanted to start looking at some players who have the potential of being fantasy contributors on the next level sooner rather than later. The objective of these player spot lights, that you will see over the next few weeks, are to discuss what we like and what we don't about the incoming rookie class. We have taken a look at the film and have made some notes and now we can share what we have found with you, our Elite Family. The first player we wanted to spotlight was Utah State Quarterback Jordan Love.

Projected Round to Be Drafted:

After looking at the film and hearing what other analysts have to say it appears that Jordan Love is being viewed as a late first early second round talent in this years NFL Draft. We would have to agree with that assessment. We would be surprised if Jordan Love made it past the middle of round one, to be honest, as there are several quarterback needy teams sitting in that range. The ideal thing to happen for Love is for him to fall to a contender where he can learn for a year or two to polish his mechanics a bit.


* Arm Strength

* Delivery

* Mobile

* Timing / Rhythm

* Size

By looking at the video above you can see all these attributes on display. There is no question that Love has one of, if not the strongest arms, in this years stacked quarterback class. Jordan Love has no problem pushing the ball down the field when he needs to. Another attribute we look for is throwing motion and if it will transition well into the NFL. As you can see above Love has a nice compact throwing motion where he delivers the ball over the top. Those proper throwing mechanics will speed Love's entry into a starting role sooner rather than later. Another key thing we notice about Love is his ability to run. We as fantasy guys and gals love a quarterback who runs because that means more points, Lamar Jackson 2019. With the mobility though we always want our quarterbacks keeping their eyes down the field ready to make a play with their arm, extending the play. Love does very well in this category as he showed us over and over again he is able to roll out of the pocket to make tough throws down field. The last attribute we want to discuss is his size. Jordan Love's 6' 4", 225 Lb. frame has the size and build to be a durable NFL quarterback, which is another key attribute we look for in drafting for our fantasy teams.


* Lower Body Mechanics

* Ball Placement

* Needs a Good Coach

Jordan Love does have some areas in his game that concerns us and pushes him out of the top quarterback conversation. The first concern we see in his film is his lower leg mechanics. We notice that he tends to drift to his left when making throws, which being uneven leads to more inaccurate throws. Jordan Love missed receivers quite often on routine routes because of this poor trait. The lower leg mechanics and the erratic throws that comes with it contributed to the 17 interceptions he threw in the 2019 season. The ball placement was off which led to the turnovers, which he will have to be coached out of. That leads me to our next point, Love is going to need a good coach who can fix the lower leg mechanics without hindering the great throwing motion he possesses.

NFL Player Comp:

* Josh Allen

We see a lot of Josh Allen in Love's game (mobility, strong arm, and inaccurate at times).

Ideal Landing Spot:

* New England Patriots

This would be the best case scenario for Love. He would get to sit behind arguably the best QB of all time, yes we see Brady returning, while learning the system that has won many titles with coaches who know how to get the best out of their players. The only problem we don't see him making it to New England sitting towards the back of round one. We would not be surprised if Love is taken by the Colts, or even the Las Vegas Raiders who are always looking for an upgrade at the position.

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