Rookie Prospect: Justin Herbert (QB)

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Projected Round to Be Drafted:

Many in the business have Herbert as a first round talent. Herbert is projected to be a top pick in round one, the third quarterback of the board. After looking at the film and his skillset Herbert actually grades out to us as a mid to late first round talent. We here at The Elite Fantasy actually grade Jordan Love higher than Herbert.


* Size

* Arm Strength * Mobility

Herbert's size will transition well to the NFL, as his 6'6" 237 pound frame will be physically imposing to his opponents. Herbert also possesses one of the strongest arms in this years NFL Draft. He as shown the ability to push the ball down field with ease. Another attribute that he possesses is his ability to escape the pocket and pick up yards on the ground.


* Leadership Concern * See it Throw it Guy * Ball Placement

The first and most obvious concern we have is Herbert's ball placement. Herbert has shown in his game that he struggles with placing the ball where it needs to be. Herbert as a result is more of a see it throw it guy which means he does not possess elite talent in throwing receivers open. Herbert also shows that he panics a bit if his first read is not there. Also there has been some recent noise about his leadership ability which would not be good transitioning to the next level.

NFL Player Comp:

* Colin Kaepernick

Justin Herbert looks a lot like Colin when he plays. He has a running mentality and a see it and throw it type player. Another player he compares to in that aspect is Dak Prescott.

Ideal Landing Spot:

* LA Chargers

The Chargers will now need a new quarterback for 2020 as they have finally moved on from Phillip Rivers. Herbert will most likely have a rough rookie campaign as a true rookie starter, but he does have the talent to succeed in LA over the long run.