Rookie Prospect: Ke'Shawn Vaughn (RB)

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

With the NFL combine just weeks away we here at The Elite Fantasy wanted to start looking at some players who have the potential of being fantasy contributors on the next level sooner rather than later. The objective of these player spot lights, that you will see over the next few weeks, are to discuss what we like and what we don't about the incoming rookie class. We have taken a look at the film and have made some notes and now we can share what we have found with you, our Elite Family. The first two player spotlights we featured were on Utah State Quarterback Jordan Love and Florida Atlantic Tight End Harrison Bryant, which you can find in our Fantasy Article section under news. Next we want to focus on the running back from Vanderbilt Ke'Shawn Vaughn.

Projected Round to Be Drafted:

After looking at the film and hearing what other analysts have to say it appears that Ke'Shawn Vaughn is being viewed as a third to fourth round talent in this years NFL Draft. We would agree with this assessment as we see him lacking the skills needed to be a day one pick. Ultimately the film, attributes, and concerns grade him out to be around a 4th round pick in our opinion.


* Explosive

* Good Contact Balance

* Tough Runner

The highlight above clearly shows how talented of a player Ke'Shawn is. There were multiple times in our film review we seen Ke'Shawn break off long runs, which showcases his explosiveness. Vaughn is a tough runner who has great power which is a good attribute to have when transitioning to the Pro level. Vaughn will be able to fight for the tough yardage when needed. Vaughn also demonstrates to us to have great contact balance which is also a very good attribute to have when making the step to the next level. Behind a bad line last year Vaughn was able to average 5.2 yards an attempt which is outstanding. 2018 was even better in this stat as Vaughn averaged 7.9 yards an attempt. Vaughn never touched the ball more than 200 times a season, which is good because there is still a lot of tread left on the tires.


* Lack of Receiving

* Pass Protection Concern

* Doesn't Create on His Own

* Size

The first concern we have with Vaughn is his size. He dropped 13 pounds from the end of the season to the senior bowl where he weighed in at 205 Lbs. The drop in weight will do him no favors come Draft day. The other concern we have with Vaughn is his inability to create on his own. Vaughn doesn't have the lateral agility or wiggle to make people miss. Vaughn is a North to South type runner. His style and skill set needs to be in a zone scheme offense or on a team with a good to great offensive line. Vaughn also had some difficulty in pass pro which isn't good on the next level. If you can not protect your quarterback you will find yourself on the sideline. The last concern was his lack of catching the rock, even though he did catch all the targets thrown his way this past season so he can do it. The thing we find with Vaughn is he is a good college back. Vaughn understands scheme, understands how to play, and is tough in the short to intermediate area. However, Vaughn lacks the next level traits to make him an early round pick in the upcoming draft.

NFL Player Comp:

* Giovani Bernard

Vaughn's skill set reminds us most of Giovani Bernard. Vaughn showed the ability to catch the short passes like Bernard as well as be efficient in the run game.

Ideal Landing Spot:

* Philadelphia Eagles

As illustrated above all the attributes and concerns in Vaughn's game would make him a good complimentary back to some NFL team. The team that offers Vaughn the best chance at success on a fantasy level would be the Eagles. Jordan Howard is done in our opinion and Miles Sanders has the potential to be very good for years to come. Doug Peterson could utilize a back like Vaughn to compliment Sanders skill set in the red zone and on plays that need to get the short yardage. Vaughn's need for a decent offensive line would be met in Philly so that he has a better chance to succeed on the Pro level.