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Rookie Prospect: Kyle Pitts (TE)

Projected Round to Be Drafted:

After looking at the film on Pitts the team at Prop Bet Fantasy grade out Kyle Pitts very high as a 4 out of 5 star NFL prospect. Based on our teams evaluation we feel Pitts profiles as a player that should be selected in the late first to early second round of the NFL Draft.


* Position Alignment Flexibility

* Creative Route Runner

* Catch Radius/Big Body

* More WR then TE

One of the key components to be able to transition smoothly from college to the NFL is the ability to play from all over the offensive formation. Kyle Pitts has shown he has this position flexibility throughout his time at Florida, as he lined up in-line, at the tackles hip, and flexed out. As a route runner Pitts has a great ability to beat zone coverage by maneuvering his 6' 5" 239 pound frame into tight spaces in the coverage. He then is able to remain skinny and get out of those tight spaces for nice yards after the catch. Pitts has shown he can be very good at using his big frame working alongside the sideline, as well as across the middle of the field. Pitts has an outstanding catch radius that will draw interest from NFL teams that have starting QB's who lack real good accuracy. Pitts' big frame and catch radius will help bail out these quarterbacks. When looking at the film Pitts profiles more as a receiver then a true dual threat tight end, and teams would be smart to utilize him in that fashion, like prime Saints Jimmy Graham.


* Ability to Beat Man Coverage

* Blocking Technique

* Route Running Work

Above we highlighted Pitts creative route running as a attribute, but his route running is far from being the best it can be. Pitts is more of a glider through his routes, and lacks that sudden stop/start or "Jab" to his route running. It is this lack of suddenness to his routes that sees Pitts struggle more against man coverage, as he is unable to become separated from defenders. In addition to the suddenness Pitts' speed out of cuts needs improvement, as he has trouble separating from second level defenders who are able to be glued to Pitts due to this lack of speed out of cuts. In terms of blocking Pitts needs work on true blocking technique if he truly wants to flourish as a true dual threat NFL tight end. Pitts uses his arms and effort in his blocking. Pitts will need to learn to use his whole body to become a true blocker in the NFL, meaning using not only his upper body but his lower body as well. One encouraging aspect of Pitts blocking game is he is fearless when staying inside the box to block and will not shy away from contact.

NFL Player Comp:

* Darren Waller (LV Raiders)

Pitts comps very similar to the Las Vegas Raiders star tight end Darren Waller. Waller played wide receiver in college, and Pitts himself saw plenty of work lined up on the outside of the offensive formation. Both players are field stretchers whose size creates huge targets for their quarterback.

Ideal Landing Spot:

* Arizona Cardinals, Washington Football Team, Cincinnati Bengals

All these teams listed above would be a great spot for Pitts talent to land. We saw no names at the position prior to the 2020 season emerge in these offenses (Dan Arnold, Logan Thomas, and Drew Sample). Pitts is significantly more talented than all those tight ends mentioned, and pairing him with a young stud quarterback such as Kyler Murray and Joe Burrow would be a very nice marriage for fantasy football.

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