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Rookie Prospect: Lamical Perine (RB)

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Projected Round to Be Drafted:

From what others in the industry are saying it appears Lamical is being viewed as a day three pick in this years NFL draft. Looking at his film and the traits he possesses we here at The Elite Fantasy agree he grades out to be a 4th round talent. Now we must note the lack of teams looking for a running back coupled with the a somewhat deep class in 2020 is what forces Perine down the board for us.


* Contact Balance

* Lateral Agility

* Long Speed

* Versatile

* Pass Protection

Perine enters the NFL draft with a lot of gas and tread on the tires after a college career that had him never see more than 136 touches in a season. Perine flashes and has potential and could end up being the sleeper of the draft at the position for the team that pulls the trigger and takes him. Perine has good contact balance and lateral agility where he can move side to side very good and fast. Perine also has great long speed which helps him out run defenders for big plays. Another key attribute that teams look at when drafting a back is how they handle pass protection, and for Perine he is very good in that area. For us in the fantasy business we like a back that has the ability to catch the ball and Perine offers that as being a very good pass catching back. In 2019 Perine caught 44 balls for the Florida Gators.


* Top End Talent

Perine does not have a lot of weaknesses in his game. Perine is able to a lot of the things needed to transition to the next level. The only thing that concerns us for fantasy is we don't feel Perine has the talent to take over as the number one guy in any backfield. Perine will most likely end up as a nice complimentary back to some NFL teams backfield.

NFL Player Comp:

* Sony Michele

Looking at the film it is easy to see he looks a lot like a Sony Michele when playing. We feel he could offer the same value to fantasy leagues as Sony has the last couple of years, so take that for what it's worth.

Ideal Landing Spot:

* Atlanta Falcons

Like mentioned above there are not a lot of teams out there who will be looking for a lead back; other than the obvious Miami Dolphins glaring need. The thing with Perine is the Dolphins will most likely draft a player graded ahead of Perine so we then look at teams who could use him in a time share. Teams that match this would be Detroit and Tampa. We could also feel he may be able to slide in as a teams backup and than offer upside if the starter would go down, New York Giants comes to mind here as a fit. However, for us there is one team that stands out as an ideal fit and that is the Atlanta Falcons. Perine could slide in behind D. Freeman and take on that T. Coleman role that the team has missed since he left. If Freeman were to go down, which is likely as we have seen over the last few years, Perine could come in and be an asset to not only the falcons but our fantasy teams.

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