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Rookie Prospect: Laviska Shenault (WR)

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Projected Round to Be Drafted:

Many have Laviska slated as a second round draft pick in this upcoming NFL Draft. However, after we reviewed his tape and got a look at his skill set we grade him out to be a first round talent. Laviska, if he hits the right landing spot, has a real chance to be the steal of the 2020 draft.



*Quick Burst



*Ball Skills

Laviska has all the attributes to be able to become a true offensive threat for some team in the NFL. Laviska is a versatile player who can line up all over the formation. Despite being viewed as an X receiver when moved into the slot he can wreak havoc on opposing defenses. Laviska's size and physical play kind of mirrors that of Deebo Samuel. At Colorado he was used often in the backfield as a runner and featured in gadget plays. Laviska has great hands and is able to out run defenders as well as make them miss with his quick twitch and sudden stop and go.


*Surgeries in 2019

*Horizontal Route Running

Laviska does carry some concern when it comes to recent injuries, which could be why he is being pushed down draft boards and projections. In 2019 he had surgeries to repair a torn Labrum as well as turf toe. Turf toe is a nagging injury that can cost payers time, Davante Adams, something you don't want in a top draft pick. The only other little flaw in his game is a slight downgrade n his horizontal routes run. I think he struggles a bit in this department because of his high hips that causes a bit of a miss step, but is nothing to be real concerned with.

NFL Player Comp:

*Sammy Watkins

Sammy is a good comp for Laviska as the size is close and the explosiveness on plays are there. I know Sammy is a meh comp, but look at the damage he did in the post season this past year. Laviska has that same game breaking upside times two.

Ideal Landing Spot:

*Green Bay Packers

For us the ideal landing spot for a player with Laviska's skill set is the Green Bay Packers. Look they fit the bill, they hold late first round pick at 28th, need another threat in the passing game opposite Adams, and lastly has a young offensive minded head coach who will be able to scheme explosive plays for him. Laviska would thrive as a number two complimenting a stud wide receiver. I feel if the Packers snag him at 28th we could have another Mike Evans and Chris Godwin terror scenario goin on in Green Bay, which would run wild all over the North division.

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