Rookie Prospect: Najee Harris (RB)

Projected Round to Be Drafted:

After looking at the film on Najee Harris the team at Prop Bet Fantasy grades him out as a 5 out of 5 star NFL prospect. When it comes to speed he isn't lightening fast as other rookie prospects, Travis Etienne, but he does profile as a work horse NFL Back. Harris grades out as a day one talent for this springs NFL Draft.


* Long Speed

* Physical

* Legs Don't Quit

* Pass Catcher

Najee Harris is a big bodied back who uses his frame to punish oncoming defenders. One thing that is clear with Harris' play style is he doesn't stop until the whistle blows, whether he is blocking or fighting for extra inches with the ball in his hands. The fact that his legs never stop churning during play is what allows him to always find those crucial hidden yards. His large body doesn't allow him to accelerate in two seconds, as he needs extra steps to get going. However, once he reaches top speed he is hard to catch and bring down. Harris showed at his time at Bama that he can catch the rock out of the backfield as well. His smooth hands as a pass catcher and physical early down play is what makes him profile very nicely as a true work horse, or every down back in the NFL.


* Running Mechanics

* Up & Down Runner

* Lateral Movement

* Lacks Creativity

One thing that pops off the screen when watching his film is the fact that he is an up and down runner, meaning he makes himself a big target for defenders. His big frame welcomes blows all over his body which could lead to injury on the pro level. Harris will need to learn how to bend his knees and lower his shoulder to eliminate the clean blows taken to his body. Another concern that we have for Harris is the fact that he lacks the moves needed to be that truly unstoppable/elusive back. Harris likely will struggle against defensive fronts that are disciplined in run stopping, tackling techniques, location, and run fits. Harris will need to work on his lack of hip mobility if he wants to to be seen more then a one dimensional back who is strictly just a North and South runner who relies on effort and determination.

NFL Player Comp:

* Derrick Henry (Tennessee Titans )

This is an easy NFL Comp as Harris looks and plays similar to another former Alabama Crimson tide running back, Derrick Henry. Harris is a big back, but not as imposing as Henry, as Henry is a little bit bigger. Harris is more polished as a pass catcher, making us see a little Matt Forte in his game as well.

Ideal Landing Spot:

* Pittsburgh Steelers / Miami Dolphins

With James Conner likely having played his last game as a Steeler in the Wild Card loss to the Browns, as well as an aging QB and offensive line makes Pittsburgh an ideal landing spot for Harris. Harris has a lot of tread left on his tires to be a true workhorse for Pittsburgh, and help take the pressure off Big Ben, as well give him another reliable option in the passing game out of the backfield. Another potential landing spot for Harris would be the Miami Dolphins, who could use a true workhorse back to help take them to the next level.