Rookie Prospect: Pat Freiermuth (TE)

Projected Round to Be Drafted:

After looking at the film on Pat Freiermuth the team at Prop Bet Fantasy grades him out as a 4 out of 5 star NFL prospect. Based on our teams evaluation we feel Freiermuth profiles as a player that should be selected in the early second round of the NFL Draft.


* Complete Player

* Run Blocking Beast

* Size/Strength

* Tough

Freiermuth comes into the 2021 NFL Draft as probably the most complete tight end in this years class. Freiermuth has the size, strength, leadership, athleticism, and touchdown production to allow him to be considered this. In fact, Freiermuth holds the PSU touchdown record for tight ends. Unlike Pitts and the others in this years class, Freiermuth is an absolute monster as a blocker. Freiermuth is not afraid to mix it up with defensive linemen or blitzing linebackers, safeties, or corners. Freiermuth is similar to SF star tight end George Kittle in the sense that he is a team first over self type of athlete. Freiermuth will do what is asked of him whether it be catching ten balls or blocking the entire game. This quality will raise him up many teams big boards, especially teams who like to use a heavy dose of the ground attack. Freiermuth has been given the nickname "Baby Gronk" because of his 6'5" 250 pound frame. It is this size and build that allows Freiermuth to box out defenders and win those contested catches. Freiermuth's strong hands are also an attribute, as they help him win contested balls routinely. The last thing that can't be ignored is his toughness, as was evident during last seasons injury shortened season. Freiermuth injured his shoulder to the point where he needed shut down for surgery, but played with injury for several weeks still being able to produce. This is the kind of toughness and grit that makes good football players great football players.


* Featured Player?

* Release

* Boundary Work

Unlike Kyle Pitts, who proved he can carry an offense from the tight end position, Freiermuth never got the opportunity to show he could be that featured player at PSU. Another area we would like to see Freiermuth improve is at his release from the line of scrimmage. To better beat press coverage Freiermuth needs to be more versatile in the way he releases from the line of scrimmage. In addition, Freiermuth needs a little more work on the boundaries, such as the the sideline. With Freiermuth already being very good at working the interior of the field, being able to then work the outside more efficiently would turn him into a bigger mismatch for defenders and make him that truly special threat.

NFL Player Comp:

* Hunter Henry (LA Chargers)

Freiermuth comps very similar to LA Chargers tight end Hunter Henry. Both of these players have good football instinct which allows them to win not by speed, but by savvy route running. Both Henry and Freiermuth are reliable third down and red zone targets due to build and hand strength.

Ideal Landing Spot:

* Indianapolis Colts, LA Chargers, Arizona Cardinals, Jacksonville Jaguars

The ideal fit out of the above teams that would benefit most by Freiermuth's skillset is the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts love to pound the rock with Jonathan Taylor and company, and the addition of Freiermuth to one of the best offensive lines in the NFL would be scary. Sprinkle in Freiermuth's ability as a pass catcher and red zone threat the Colts offensive attack would be even scarier in 2021 then it was in 2020.