Rookie Prospect: Travis Etienne (RB)

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Projected Round to Be Drafted:

After looking at the film on Travis Etienne the team at Prop Bet Fantasy grades him out as a 4 out of 5 star NFL prospect. Etienne's talent and upside has him grading out as a day one talent for this springs NFL Draft.


* Burst/Acceleration

* Contact Balance

* Elusive

* Pass Catcher

The first thing that pops out of Etienne's game film is his burst and speed. Etienne has speed that can out run any defender nine times out of ten. Etienne has a body that can absorb contact very well. It is a rare occurrence to see Etienne get hit squarely by a defender. Etienne is a compact runner who is able to consistently able to break tackles. Etienne also very slippery when being tackled and can wiggle away from defenders. Etienne has a very good ability to destroy pursuit angles. The most improved aspect of his game comes in the area of pass catching. Etienne demonstrates soft hands, as he catches the ball cleanly and is able to turn up field very well.


* Vision

* Pass Blocking

* Open Field Work

There isn't a lot of flaws to Etienne's game, but he does need work in a few areas. The first area he needs work is as a pass blocker. Etienne is willing to stay in and pass protect, but is inconsistent at it. The biggest inconsistency in this area is due to him being impatient to wait for crashing defenders. Etienne has a tendency to press the line instead of sitting back and waiting for that defender. Etienne also needs to work on vision as a runner between the tackles. Etienne doesn't have that natural feel for where holes are going to open up. It is also clear that Etienne relies to much on his speed in the open field and needs to develop more open field vision to more consistently beat those pursuit angles that he's shown he as the ability to do.

NFL Player Comp:

* Dalvin Cook (Minnesota Vikings)

Etienne and Dalvin Cook are very similar in many areas of their game. Both were underrated receiving weapons out of the backfield. Both players have a great ability to slip into the secondary undetected and act as a nice safety blanket for their quarterbacks with their soft hands. Both players have great acceleration and have a nose for the end zone, which we think will continue as a pro for Etienne. With his improved work in the passing game and becoming more polished Etienne also resembles Alvin Kamara.

Ideal Landing Spot:

* Arizona Cardinals

After a pretty lack luster 2020, we think Kenyan Drake heads to another city via free agency. That will leave Chase Edmonds, who showed promise at times the past two seasons, but isn't that true every down back. The Cardinals took Eno Benjamin in last years draft, so shows they are always looking to strengthen the position. The Cardinals will likely get the opportunity to pull the trigger and take Etienne this spring and they should. Etienne would give them that every down back who would fit the scheme perfectly, as well as be a very nice compliment to Kyler Murray in the backfield.