Rookie Prospect: Tua Tagovailoa (QB)

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Projected Round to Be Drafted:

Many in the business have Tua coming of the board as a top eight pick this spring. After reviewing the tape and his skill set we here at The Elite Fantasy would agree as he grades out to be one of the top offensive talents in this years NFL Draft.


* Progression Reader

* Wins From the Pocket

* Accuracy

The attribute that propels Tua to the op of many draft boards is his accuracy and ball placement. Tua has demonstrated pin point accuracy in the short to intermediate passing game to the deep ball as well. Tua places the ball where his playmakers can make plays and that is a great attribute to possess when making the step to the pro level. Tua wins from the pocket meaning he is able to sit back comfortably and wait for plays to develop more times than not. Tua also excels at reading through his progressions, which many rookies struggle with when entering the NFL.


* Decision Making

* Ball Security

* Injury Concern

The first and most obvious concern we have is his injury history. When evaluating talent durability and reliability is a top category looked at. Tua has not been very reliable over the last few seasons when dealing with a number of injuries. The next concern is his ball security. Tua has shown t times throughout his career he struggles with fumbling. This part of his game will need to be coached up. His decision making is another concern as he demonstrated a number of times that he struggles reading a defense which will cause a turnover or miscommunication between he and his receivers.

NFL Player Comp:

* Drew Brees

Tua features a skill set that translate closet to Drew Brees. He is able to stay cool when under duress and pull the trigger to make the play needed, much like Brees can.

Ideal Landing Spot:

* Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins need a franchise quarterback and Tua may just be that guy. With Fitzmagic set to return he would make for a great mentor for the young signal caller as he makes this switch to the next level.