Super Bowl 54 Best Bets

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

After a week off from betting action The Godfather is back for his final best bets article of the 2019 NFL campaign. The Championship weekend proved to be very profitable as I went 75% on player props I suggested targeting. My DFS line up cashed as well for the third week in a row. However, as we shift our attention to Sundays contest I want to change it up a bit and instead of a DFS line up I will be replacing with Novelty props for the big game. So without further a do lets check out the best bets to go after for Super Bowl 54.

Over/Under Totals

There has been a lot of discussion on what the game script is going to be, defensive struggle, a shootout, a tale of two halves? I just have a feeling about this one and like to go against where most the money has been coming in on, the over. So with that said I like the Under.

KC/SF (U54) (W) (51)

Point Spread

The line hasn't moved much since the open and neither has my stance on the team I like best to cover Sunday.

Chiefs (-1.5) (W)

Money Line

Since I like the Chiefs to cover the spread that shows where I am putting my money this weekend.

Kansas City Chiefs (W)

Player Props

Like every week, I am out to beat my wins from the previous week. However, this week will be tough as I went 75% (27-9) during Championship week in player props. We will try to best that with the following player props I like best. Once again even though I only offer the props I like this weekend I will highlight the "Best Bets" in each game break down.

(Props used from Fan Duel & Draft Kings Sportsbook) (18-18) (50%)

Fantasy Point Props (Draft Kings Sportsbook) (5-6) (45%)

Jimmy G. 17.5 Fantasy Points (OVER) (L) (10.96)

P. Mahomes 22.5 Fantasy Points (OVER) (W) (26.24)

R. Mostert 15.5 Fantasy Points (OVER) (L) (13)

D. Williams 15.5 Fantasy Points (OVER) (W) (32.3)

D. Samuels 14.5 Fantasy Points (UNDER) (W) (14.2)

E. Sanders 10.5 Fantasy Points (OVER) (L) (6.8)

K. Bourne 5.5 Fantasy Points (OVER) (W) (6.2)

T. Hill 15.5 Fantasy Points (OVER) (W) (22.5)

S. Watkins 11.5 Fantasy Points (UNDER) (L) (14.8)

G. Kittle 17.5 Fantasy Points (OVER) (L) (7.6)

T. Kelce 17.5 Fantasy Points (OVER) (L) (16.5)

Player Props (Fan Duel Sportsbook) (13-12) (52%)

P. Mahomes 1.5 Pass Touchdowns (OVER) (W)

Jimmy G. 1.5 Pass Touchdowns (OVER) (L)

D. Robinson 26.5 Rec. Yards (UNDER) (W)

D. Williams 3.5 Receptions (OVER) (W)

D. Thompson 1.5 Rush Attempts (UNDER) (W)

P. Mahomes 300.5 Passing Yards (UNDER) (W)

Jimmy G. 240.5 Passing Yards (OVER) (L)

D. Williams 52.5 Rushing Yards (OVER) (W)

P. Mahomes 31.5 Rushing Yards (OVER) (L)

R. Mostert 75.5 Rushing Yards (UNDER) (W)

Jimmy G. 3.5 Rush Yards (UNDER) (W)

D. Thompson 5.5 Rush Yards (UNDER) (W)

T. Coleman 27.5 Rush Yards (UNDER) (L)

D. Samuels 54.5 Rec. Yards (UNDER) (W)

M. Hardman 22.5 Rec. Yards (OVER) (L)

T. Hill 76.5 Rec. Yards (UNDER) (L)

S. Watkins 49.5 Rec. Yards (UNDER) (L)

T. Kelce 75.5 Rec. Yards (OVER) (L)

G. Kittle 74.5 Rec. Yards (OVER (L)

D. Williams 82.5 Total Yards (OVER) (W)

K. Juszczyk 12.5 Total Yards (OVER) (W)

R. Mostert 90.5 Total Yards (UNDER) (W)

T. Mathieu 5.5 Tackles (OVER) (L)

E. Sanders 3.5 Receptions (OVER) (L)

R. Mostert 1.5 Receptions (OVER) (L)

Novelty Props

These Props are the fun ones where your guess is as good as mine. I thought it would be fun to target a few of these and see how we do. My suggestion in terms of these bets don't go crazy placing a lot of money on them, a few bucks here and there is what I am going to do.

Coin Toss (TAILS) (W)

Gatorade color poured on winning coach (CLEAR/WATER) (L) (Orange)

Any Quarterback to throw Flea Flicker (YES) (L)

Players to attempt a Pass (OVER 2.5) (L)

Players to Complete a Pass (OVER 2.5) (L)

Players to Throw a Touchdown Pass (UNDER 2.5) (W)

Any Lineman to score a Touchdown (YES) *only bc odds are good +1200* (L)

Jersey number to score first TD (UNDER 26.5) (W) (15)

Jersey number to score last TD ( OVER 26.5) (L) (26)

Any scoring drive to be shorter than National Anthem time (NO) (W)

National Anthem time 2:04 (UNDER) (W) (1:50)

First Sack of Game (FRANK CLARK) (L) (Buckner)

Super Bowl MVP (KITTLE) (L)

* Going with odds here as most will take Mahomes, if SF wins Kittle or Bosa offer best odds as Super Bowl MVP. I lean Kittle.*