"The Old and The Fruitful Strategy"

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Over the past several years we have been using a strategy during our drafts when looking at the quarterback position. Now we're sure you've heard of the bold and the beautiful, well we consider this strategy The Old and The Fruitful. So what is this strategy you ask? Well if you have read our last two articles on quarterback, if you didn’t shame on you and get on it, you know we at The Elite Fantasy are firm believers on waiting at quarterback in drafts. We would much rather draft those later round guys than the early round guys such as Mahomes, Jackson, Dak, and Kyler. Now, if the value is there and a top guy falls down the board two rounds past ADP or something, you bet your ass we will be taking them. However, in most drafts this doesn’t happen so this is why we developed this strategy when looking at quarterbacks. So to answer the earlier question of what is this it’s really pretty simple. The Old and The Fruitful Strategy in a nutshell is drafting two late round quarterbacks who offer different things. One quarterback should offer a high floor for your fantasy team. The second quarterback should offer potential upside for your fantasy team.

“The Old”

First we want to clarify what a late round guy is. We like to break the draft down into three sections early, middle, and late. The early section is rounds 1-4, the mid rounds are made up of rounds 5-9, and then the late section of the draft is round 10 and later. So when we say we want to target a late round guy that means we are looking at that late third tier in consensus rankings and beyond. So guys in this range would exclude the guys mentioned above plus, DeShaun, Russell, and Josh Allen. So when looking for guys that offer that first element in this strategy of being high floor safe picks we are looking at your veterans such as Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Big Ben, and Aaron Rodgers. We want a proven known commodity that can produce week in and week out consistently, because you know consistency wins fantasy weeks and essentially fantasy championships.

A lot of times Matt Ryan and Tom Brady won’t make it to the 10th round as they are being taken between the 8th and 9th, but if either does pull the trigger. We are finding Tom Brady to offer some of the best value out of any quarterback this season. We love Tom Brady in 2020 and how could you not with the situation he finds himself in. Tom has arguably his second best X receiver ever, only behind Randy Moss, in Mike Evans, who has never finished an NFL season under 1,000 yards. He has a very good WR2 in Chris Godwin who out performed Evans last season, as well as his old safety blanket Gronk in the fold. Oh and let’s not forget about a backfield chalk full of upside in the passing game with Ronald Jones and the rookies Vaughn and Calais. Many after last season are fading Brady, saying his arm is toast and his deep ball is gone. We ask why? Tom didn’t throw the ball deep last year because his arm was shot; he didn’t throw the ball deep because that offense didn’t possess that deep threat receiver. Despite the deficiencies at wide receiver Brady was still able to throw for 4,057 yards illustrating even in a bad situation he offers a safe floor, which exemplifies “The Old” part in this strategy.

“The Fruitful”

So that leads us into the upside part of this strategy. Now last season a perfect example of this late round guy with upside was Lamar Jackson who was going in the 11th round or later. The year prior in 2018 the perfect guy going around the same range was Patrick Mahomes. These are the types of home run shots this strategy allows you to take. Once you have that safe reliable option locked up you are free to swing for the fences on a young upside player. This season the late rounds are offering many good upside players we are licking our chops to get. These players include Carson Wentz, Baker Mayfield, and Daniel Jones.

Baker Mayfield is a year removed from the hype that was last season and finds himself down a lot of people’s rankings. That is great for us savvy people who look at Baker and his upside. Last season Baker ranked towards the top in air yards per attempt. He finds himself in a more structured scheme that designs plays suited to its players, which Baker needs. We are also high on Carson Wentz who in 2019 was left for dead in an offense that had zero point zero quality wide receivers. Carson showed his brilliance by still managing to throw for 4039 yards. The team made the position a priority and acquired fast receivers in the draft in Reagor and Hightower, as well as trading for veteran wide out Goodwin. These deep threat receivers’ pair well with Wentz and the west coast scheme Doug Peterson likes to utilize. Now, Wentz has the weapons to target deep to go along with the short to intermediate field with Ertz, Goedert, and Sanders. The arrow is pointing way up for Wentz in 2020. The last player that fits this strategy is Daniel Jones, who already flashed his upside as a rookie. Last season Daniel Jones had 2 #1 weekly finishes at the position during weeks 8 and 16. Daniel also has one #2 weekly finish in week 3. So the upside is there in an offense that has weapons at receiver, tight end, and running back. Jones does have some inconsistencies in his game as he showed last season finishing 5 weeks outside the top 20 at the position. However, the upside and pairing with that high floor quarterback makes this OK for our teams.

So there it is laid out for you The Elite Fantasy Family, The Old and The Fruitful Strategy. If you go into your drafts in a few weeks and implement this strategy you will find your team to be solid coming out. You will load up at the running back and receiver positions in the early and mid-rounds, and then attack the quarterback position in the late rounds. Be sure to head over to our rankings page to look at our rankings, as well as be sure to look out for our draft day cheat sheets that will be dropping in the rankings section very soon for you to take into the draft day war room.