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Wild Card Weekend Best Bets

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Even though all our fantasy leagues have wrapped up that doesn't mean the fun of fantasy has to end. With the end of the NFL's regular season comes the beginning of the NFL's post season and for us fantasy fanatics that signals a prime opportunity to make some cash. In this article The Godfather is back to highlight the bets I like the most this weekend. Also at the end of the article I will give you my favorite DFS (Draft Kings) line up I think will have the best chance of cashing.

Over/Under Totals

I have found great success in winning some money betting on the point totals this season. I have found success by only targeting the over unders that stand out as good bets and leaving the totals that are close alone. This weekend I will not place any bets on the point totals because the numbers are too close for my liking. My advice put your money in other areas this week.

Point Spread

I am only confident in betting on one spread this weekend. The team spread I am betting on is Houston (-2.5). I feel Buffalo will be able to keep this game close but I don't see them winning or covering in the Wild Cards opening weekend. (W)

Money Line

Here are the teams I am putting my money on this weekend to advance:

New England (L)

New Orleans(L)


Houston (W)

Player Props

I will break down the player props I like most this weekend in each game. I will bold the best bets from each game.

Bills V.s Texans (2-4) (33%)

J. Brown 63.5 Rec. Yards (OVER)(L)

C. Beasley 50.5 Rec. Yards (OVER)(L)

J. Allen 217.5 Pass Yards (UNDER)(L)

J. Allen 1.5 Pass Touchdowns (UNDER)(W)

D. Singletary 63.5 Rush Yards (UNDER)(W)

C. Hyde 63.5 Rush Yards (OVER)(L)

Patriots V.s Titans (4-3) (57%)

T. Brady 1.5 Rush Yards (UNDER)(W)

T. Brady 22.5 Pass Comp. (OVER)(L)

R. Tannehill 1.5 Pass Touchdowns (UNDER)(W)

J. White 36.5 Rec. Yards (OVER)(W)

J. Smith 29.5 Rec. Yards (OVER)(L)

M. Sanu 30.5 Rec. Yards (OVER)(L)

A. Brown 66.5 Rec. Yards (UNDER)(W)

Saints V.s Vikings(3-3) (50%)

A. Kamara 57.5 Rush Yard (OVER)(L)

T. Smith 19.5 Rec. Yards (OVER)(L)

I. Smith 17.5 Rec. Yards (OVER)(L)

D. Cook 100.5 Combined Yards (OVER)(W)

D. Brees 2.5 Pass Touchdowns (UNDER)(W)

A. Thielen 50.5 Rec. Yards (OVER)(W)

Eagles V.s Seahawks(5-4) (55%)

M. Lynch 36.5 Rush Yards (OVER)(L)

J. Hollister 31.5 Rec. Yards (OVER)(L)

J. Hollister Anytime Touchdown (YES)(L)

D. Metcalf 55.5 Rec. Yards (OVER)(W)

G. Ward 45.5 Rec. Yards (OVER)(L)

G. Ward 4.5 Rec. (UNDER)(W)

T. Homer 25.5 Rec. Yards (UNDER)(W)

R. Wilson 246 Pass Yards (OVER)(W)

C. Wentz 266 Pass Yards (UNDER) (W)

DFS Lineup

Here is the bonus daily fantasy line up I like this week to cash this week, especially in double up and fifty/fifty contests.

J. Allen (27.36)

A. Kamara(19.50)

J. White (12.60)

D. Metcalf (32.00)

J. Brown (13.64)

M. Sanu (2.10)

D. Goedert (14.30)

D. Singletary (19.40)

Saints (5.00)

Total points 144.90 cashed in the double up contest entered finishing 71 out of 3,448.

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